Social Transcendentalism may also be regarded

As, in some special sense, Social Theocracy,

The supertheocratic ideology that stems

From Catholic fascism but largely transcends it.

Unlike Social Democracy, that

Radically democratic ideology, a superdemocratic

As opposed to an anti-democratic or

An anti-superdemocratic politics,

Social Theocracy couldn't indefinitely

Coexist with alternative parties

But, in attaining to power, would insist on

Its own exclusive and absolutist right to serve,

A right inherent in the supersession

Of democracy and the establishment

Of a Social Transcendental Centre -

A necessarily totalitarian affair

In which the party of the Second Coming

Would be obligated to bear the 'sins of the world'

In a sacrificial aside to the religious sovereignty

Of the saved masses, all those who had

Democratically opted for the ultimate sovereignty

In order that the 'Kingdom of Heaven'

Could officially come to pass and

The People thereby secure the right

To noumenal self-realization

In accordance with their newly-achieved status

As the Holy Spirit.