Knowledge of God


BRIAN: How, Martin, would you define faith in God, if someone were to ask you?

MARTIN: Not in the way that most religious people would tend to do, anyway.  For when they ask themselves whether God exists, they are more often than not either referring to the Creator, alternatively known as the Father, or to Jesus Christ, the Christian deity per se.  To have faith in God in this sense is to answer such a question by saying: 'Yes, I believe that the Creator exists and/or that Christ lives and is awaiting the time for His return to earth'.

BRIAN: Yet, presumably, you don't share such a belief?

MARTIN: No, I possess a different and, to my mind, superior belief - namely, the idea that the real purpose of our living here is to evolve towards God considered, in a supreme sense, as the Holy Ghost, which would be the culmination of evolution.  I said 'belief', but in point of fact I have knowledge of this purpose, since I am the possessor of an irrefutable logic appertaining to successive stages and types of life in an evolutionary spectrum which stretches from the Alpha Absolutes (of the stars) to the Omega Absolute (of the ultimate spiritual globe), conceived as the Supreme Being, or supreme level of Being in eternal bliss.

BRIAN: Briefly then, what are the successive stages and types of life in this evolutionary spectrum?

MARTIN: They are as follows: the stars at stage one, the planets (including mineral formations) at stage two, the plants at stage three, the animals (including fish and birds) at stage four, pagan men at stage five, Christian men at stages five/six, transcendental men at stage six, the Supermen at stage seven, the Superbeings at stage eight, the Spiritual Globes at stage nine, and the Ultimate Spiritual Globe at stage ten.  Stages one and ten are absolutely antithetical, which is to say, antithetical in every sense; for what begins in the Many must culminate in the One.  Stages two and nine constitute the most radical manifestation of what I term antithetical equivalents, which status is shared, albeit to a lesser degree, by the plants at stage three and the Superbeings at stage eight; the animals at stage four and the Supermen at stage seven; pagan men at stage five and transcendental men at stage six - the Christians combining stages five and six in their dualistic integrity.

BRIAN: If the Superman may be said to succeed transcendental man, then what animal life form preceded pagan man?

MARTIN: Man is descended from the apes, so it is with regard to a line of evolution stemming from the apes that pagan man should be seen.  Now, of all the plants, the ones most appropriate for apes are trees, in which they virtually live.  So trees, or a certain type of tree, preceded apes; apes preceded men, in all three stages of their development; and the Supermen, as brains artificially supported and sustained in collectivized contexts, will succeed them.

BRIAN: But what is it that particularly distinguishes one stage of life from another?

MARTIN: Constitution of the psyche, which is to say, whether the life form concerned is predominantly subconscious, balanced between subconscious and superconscious, or predominantly superconscious.  The higher the life form, the more the superconscious will predominate over the subconscious, although as evolutionary development approximates to the absolutes at opposite ends, as it were, of the evolutionary spectrum, the distinction between the subconscious and the superconscious ceases to apply.  Thus while the plants are beneath superconscious affiliation and are accordingly incapable of autonomous behaviour, the Superbeings, as our projected antithetical equivalent to trees, will be above subconscious affiliation and therefore incapable of or, rather, indisposed to autonomous behaviour for the opposite reason.

BRIAN: So, as the projected antithetical equivalent to trees, the Superbeings will presumably be new brains artificially supported and sustained in more intensively collectivized contexts?

MARTIN: Yes, for the removal of the old brain from the Supermen would elevate life to a wholly post-egocentric status of exclusive superconsciousness.  And from then on, the resulting Superbeings would be pending transcendence, and thus the attainment of pure spirit to the heavenly Beyond.

BRIAN: This is incredible!  You have acquired knowledge, through such logic, that the outcome of evolutionary progress must be pure spirit, and that such spirit, converging from all parts of the Universe, must eventually attain to a maximum unification in the Ultimate Spiritual Globe.

MARTIN: Precisely!  And that is why I am above faith, in my assessment of the purpose of our being here.  I know that the evolving universe is destined to culminate in the Omega Absolute.  There is no way that anyone could deny the essential truth of evolutionary progress from stages 1-10.  My logic is irrefutable!  Willy-nilly, 'Man,' to cite Nietzsche, 'is something that should be overcome.'  And, doubtless, in due course he will be!

BRIAN: Provided the Superman can be brought to pass!  Tell me, what do you believe concerning God the Father and Christ, in whom you have apparently little or no faith?

MARTIN: I have no faith in either of them because, once again, I possess a knowledge of what they are.  For me, God the Father doesn't really exist because my psyche is too superconsciously biased to be much under the sway of subconscious psychic contents originally extrapolated out from cosmic reality.  As I see it, the Creator as Jehovah was largely an extrapolation from the central star of the Galaxy, which, in all probability, was the original creative force behind lesser stars, planets, et cetera, whereas the Creator as the Father was largely an extrapolation from both the sun and the core of the earth combined.  God the Father is - or was - an anthropomorphic white-haired, bearded figure responsible for Creation.  So runs the theology.  But, in reality, no such Creator has ever existed in the Universe, which probably came into existence through various explosions of gases giving rise to stars and planets.  Stars most certainly exist there, but Jehovah/the Father doesn't exist anywhere except in the minds of those who are subconsciously biased.

BRIAN: Then what about Jesus Christ?

MARTIN: Christ exists in the mind for those whose psyche is approximately balanced between subconscious and superconscious in egocentric dualism.  Again, for a person like me, Christ doesn't really exist, since the ratio of superconscious to subconscious is such in my psyche that no dualistic, egocentric affiliation is possible.  If God the Father corresponds to the alpha-based inception of evolution, then Christ signifies a dualistic integrity which stands chronologically in between the Father and the Holy Spirit.  So long as one's psyche reflects a dualistic integrity, one can relate to Christ and thus have faith in God conceived as man.  But as soon as one's psyche becomes superconsciously biased, as it must do as evolution proceeds towards a transcendental stage, then Christ becomes irrelevant, since this more advanced psychic constitution requires that man turns his religious attention towards the creation of the truly divine God which will only fully emerge at the culmination of evolution.  Man must therefore set about expanding spirit, and while he may do so to a quite significant extent during the ultimate phase of his evolution in the transcendental civilization to-come, nevertheless the literal attainment of spirit to the heavenly Beyond, in the guise of Spiritual Globes, will require that such a phase be superseded, in due turn, by the superhuman and superbeingful stages of the post-Human Millennium, which will permit of a much more radical expansion of spirit.  In fact, the ultimate life form on earth will be able, through a form of supermeditation, to expand spirit to such an extent ... that transcendence should result - a transcendence corresponding to the salvation of pure spirit from the remnants of the 'flesh' ... as signified, at that highly-advanced juncture in time, by the collectivized new brains of each individual Superbeing.

BRIAN: So, in any ultimate sense, Heaven really is in the Beyond, and not in the self?

MARTIN: One can only get to Heaven through the superconscious self, which is to say, through the cultivation of spirit.  But one should not make the mistake of taking our projected Ultimate Spiritual Globe of the future Omega Absolute for the comparatively tiny amount of spirit within the superconscious self, or vice versa!  Man is not God in any absolute sense, though we know that man became God in the person of Christ in a relative and, hence, anthropomorphic sense.  One day, however, proletarian man will become transcendental man, and one day thereafter transcendental man will become the Superman and the Superman become the Superbeing and the Superbeing become the Spiritual Globe and the Spiritual Globe, in converging towards other such transcendences, ultimately become the Omega Absolute.  Ah, how the Truth liberates!  Faith in God, you say?  But one day soon people will acquire knowledge of what I know through the study of my teachings, and then they, too, will be above faith.  Such a day is fast approaching, my friend, even though there are various people who, in their dualistic blindness, would like to prevent it!