101.   But of course America, as a superficial manifestation of and extrapolation from the West, is also given to cremation, if on a rather more synthetically artificial basis than has typified, say, India traditionally, and it must be said that America is often less Christian than heathenistic in its approach to life, one overlapping with and even indistinguishable at times from certain Middle Eastern and Far Eastern traditions, like Judaism and Hinduism, so that it seems that its Biblical bias is distinctly towards the Old Testament. 


102.   There is, in fact, about America a strong suggestion of upper-class alpha, of metachemical objectivity, of perpendicular triangularity, of death worship, of disposable culture, of a triadic (or triangular) approach to corporal punishment, of something, in sum, which is profoundly un-Western or, at any rate, West European in character, so that one wonders whether its political system isn't rather un-European in character too, apparently democratic but fundamentally a sort of pluralistic autocracy the presidential executive of which is not incompatible with responsibilities associated with being commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces.


103.   Frankly, I am quite prepared to believe that, compared to Britain and even France, America is less a liberal democracy, whether parliamentary or republican, than a sort of liberal autocracy which stands to Britain and France, though especially Britain, in a somewhat overshadowing role analogous to the higher outer darkness vis--vis the lower inner light of an autocratic-democratic axis.  America may speak of democracy, and the virtues of freedom conceived in democratic terms, but its actions suggest something rather more autocratic in character, if with a pluralistic or, more accurately, dualistic essence.


104.   For America is always right-wing, always fundamentally conservative, besotted by power, and instinctively given to the use of force whenever and wherever convenient, not least against alleged enemies of 'American freedom'.  There is no American Left, at least not that you'd notice in mainstream politics, only a liberal alternative to the conservative right which, as 'fall guy for slag', is comparatively moderate, with the deferential modesty of those males who are subordinate before a female hegemony which 'calls the shots', pretty much as Jehovah at the expense of Satan or, in nature, Saul at David's expense or, in sensual humankind, the so-called Risen Virgin at the expense of the so-called Father ... of Catholic decadence, or even more contemporaneously, in sensual cyborgkind, cameras at the expense of bugging or listening devices.


105.   Therefore America values somatic freedom above every other kind of freedom, with a bias, in its noumenally objective and effectively upper-class alpha, for metachemistry, for fieriness, for the stellar aspect of the Cosmos (to which the 'stars and stripes' quite naturally or deferentially lends itself), and thus for an explosive culture not the least potent aspect of which is film.  If Britain - and England in particular - is a country politically congenial to 'pricks', given its physical orientation within a parliamentary democracy that nevertheless answers quite paradoxically to antichemical pressures from subordinate females in consequence of its own metachemically autocratic traditions still being very much extant, then America is the land where the 'jerk' is top-dog and 'frigging' criteria take jazzy precedence over anything 'sodding', not to mention, from a bureaucratic-theocratic perspective, anything 'fucking' or 'snogging'.


106.   Therefore the American view of the world, as of life, is one in which the 'jerk' should be free to do his 'frigging' thing within the bounds of a pluralistic political structure which, whilst it might have the appearance of being democratic, is fundamentally autocratic and ranged against democracy, not only democracy in its parliamentary mode, which embraces a left-wing orientation, but more especially the extra-parliamentary republican democracy which we have generically termed Social Democracy and hold to be both pseudo-democratic and neo-autocratic, since it resurrects the higher outer darkness in dictatorial pursuance of state totalitarianism, and such a forceful darkness, causing the higher outer light of bound soul to shed its pseudo-aristocratic radiance upon the lower inner darkness of an earthly proletariat, a lumpen proletariat, effectively if not literally blue-collar, cannot but prove problematic to the American version of autocracy which, besides being pluralistic, is profoundly capitalistic in respect of the exploitation of somatic freedom to a metachemically powerful and/or chemically glorious end.


107.   Frankly, the anti-capitalist co-operative rhetoric of Social Democracy is anathema to a system whose enterprise is rooted in the exploitation of a metachemically free soma to a corporate capitalist end and which is intensely competitive in consequence.   Therefore, unlike France and even Britain, America will feel compelled to forcefully go for the throat of any country which resists its cultural influence in the name of Social Democratic values; for to such a country attack is the best defence, America being fundamentally extreme right-wing and therefore the natural, one might say born, enemy of the democratic Extreme Left, though I dare say that even theocratically extreme-left peoples and individuals, not to mention their liberal counterparts, would feel less than secure in a world dominated by American values.


108.   Britain and France, on the other hand, being sensibly democratic, I might even say properly democratic, have both a parliamentary Left and an extra-parliamentary Extreme Left to consider, and would not rush in where angels fear to tread, no matter how weary of Social Democracy they might be in respect of their respective liberal democratic interests and traditions.  But Britain, having a stronger and freer autocratic tradition than France, one which even now is still very much part of the overall autocratic-democratic equation, has a tendency to 'look up', if paradoxically, to America, language and cultural ties notwithstanding, and allow itself to be bewitched and even dominated by America to an extent which it would be difficult to imagine applying to any other country, including France.


109.   Such a cultural fatality on the part of Britain towards America weakens its own democratic instincts in respect of the punishment of crime as it comes under the shadow of American culture and the obsession with crime which characterizes America as a metachemically free nation, thereby shooting itself in the foot and further undermining its democratic freedom, something which, in the right circumstances, I would have no problem with, but which in relation to the autocratic pluralism of America one can hardly view as an improvement!


110.   Therefore the Anglo-American alliance is not only bad for Britain, it is bad for the world in general; for it makes America stronger and all the more ready to throw its weight about at the expense of weaker or more sensible nations, while simultaneously making Britain more of an autocratically-subverted problem for its European neighbours, most of whom are decidedly more bureaucratic-theocratic in character, and therefore less well-disposed towards the sexual and other perversions so typifying the state-hegemonic aberrations of the two Western countries in the modern world which are most removed from the rising axis in question, and therefore most problematic from the standpoint of self.


111.   Even France is less state hegemonic than Britain, given its Catholic traditions and the inability or unwillingness even of the most executive of republican presidents to discard the feelings and teachings of the Church in matters of grave importance.  There may be a struggle, amounting to something of a tradition, in France between republicans and Catholics, conservatives and radicals, but the fact of France being a fundamentally Catholic nation cannot be totally discarded from considerations relating to the freedom of the State which, despite official rhetoric, is qualified, not unqualified, and would be a disgrace to itself were it to be totally independent of the Church and no better, in consequence, than a radical Social Democracy.  France remains a liberal republic not because it continues to compromise with autocracy, which is much less institutionally significant in France than in monarchic Britain, but because it is unable or unwilling to completely sever ties with the Catholic Church, no matter how conservative the bureaucratic aspect of that Church may happen to be.


112.   For once you server ties with the Church through Social Democracy, through undue state freedom culminating, it may be, in outright  totalitarianism, you put yourself beyond the possibility of theocratic redemption not only in and through the verbal absolution for penitential contrition of the Catholic confessional, but, more significantly from the standpoint of genuine grace, through the possible deliverance of theocracy from bureaucratic constraint which Social Theocracy, as germane, so I have argued, to 'Kingdom Come', is designed to further.  In such fashion you would be deprived not only of hope for the future, but of that ultimate liberation which is commensurate with eternity and an end to the sinful mean of 'the world'.  In short, that ultimate mode of left-wing freedom which, to repeat, can only be social theocratically ranged against 'the world' from an otherworldly vantage-point led and characterized, in subjectively upper-class vein, by eternal values.


113.   France is not of course Eire, and therefore there are and will, for the foreseeable future, continue to be differences in respect of the relationship between Church and State, but even Napoleon Bonaparte was unable, as a military dictator, to completely undermine the Church in consequence of the alleged collusions between papal bureaucracy and monarchic autocracy which when once autocracy was undermined in the State only retreated into the Church where it lay low, biding its time and supporting the defence of the Church from undue state impositions or threats of a radically democratic nature.


114.   To suggest, from a democratic standpoint, that that was therefore the best possible reason to oppose the Church would only be to compound the error of undue state freedom and make what is already a tricky if not paradoxical situation much worse; for the freer the State endeavours to become, the more will ultra-conservative elements within the Church struggle to resist it, and with a vengeance!  France is not Britain, still less America, and were France to become genuinely state hegemonic in either Protestant or communist fashion it would be a tragedy for French culture and civilization and, above all, for the Church which made such culture and civilization, or civility, possible and may yet make a better future possible in the event, at some appropriate time, of church backing for a paradoxical utilization of the democratic process to a freely theocratic end, the sort of end which, in the event of a majority mandate for religious sovereignty, would enable the People to transcend the Catholic Church through the Social Theocratic Centre and climb beyond the parameters of 'the world' to the otherworldly heights of 'Kingdom Come'.


115.   For, unlike Social Democracy, which can only reduce people to the lowest-common-collective-denominator in earthly submission before a despot, Social Theocracy will have the ability and intent to raise people, bit by bit, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, towards the highest-common-individual-denominator of heavenly redemption in which the religiously sovereign People would have rights  in respect of synthetically-artificial self-development such that would bring them ever nearer, through progressive cyborgization, to a definitive manifestation of God and Heaven, and take them ever further from the Great Lie of the Devil and Hell hyped as God and Heaven which is the Old Testament Creatoresque obstacle to Truth which, even now, is swallowed unequivocally in certain countries that have a vested interest in dominating the world from just such a lying perspective and thereby precluding its universal development towards a maximum of truth and joy, sanctity and sublimity, grace and holiness, godly taking and, above all, heavenly being, while yet using the terminology of religion in respect of the most hidebound autocratic conservatism, a conservatism which makes even the bureaucratic conservatism of 'Mother Church' seem comparatively liberal.


116.   We who struggle against the Lie will be 'beast' to its power-obsessed  exponents; but we should also know that the only real beast - apart from the more obvious Social Democratic one who revels in homosexual darkness - is he or, rather, she who, in bitch-like diabolical vein, opposes Truth and the evolutionary development of God in the interests of a noumenal freedom which is not metaphysically psychic but metachemically somatic, and therefore rooted, stellar-wise, in the Cosmos, as that which is most representatively cosmic and therefore germane not to God the Father but to Devil the Mother.  Rest assured that the universal, when it properly emerges, will be nothing like the cosmic, nor even the natural or human, but completely transcendent and therefore as far removed from the Eternal Death at the roots of the Cosmos as it is divinely possible to be. 


117.   Such a universal removal of transcendence, commensurate with Eternal Life at its most evolved manifestation, from polyversal fundamentalism will be the destiny of the urban proletariat when once they democratically opt for religious sovereignty and put themselves upon the path that leads from post-historical post-humanity and post-modernity in post-egocentricity to the optimum eternal divinity and sublimity in psychocentricity of the definitive Cyborg, come the omega point of universal perfection.


118.   For only through the gradual cyborgization of post-human(ist) life will eternity attain to its ultimate omega point, an omega point of beingful supremacy in the evolutionary subjectivity of metaphysical sensibility which will be not merely least evolved, as in the metaphysically sensible aspect of the Cosmos, nor less (relative to least) evolved, as in the metaphysically sensible aspect of nature, nor even more (relative to most) evolved, as in the metaphysically sensible aspect of humankind, but most evolved, and therefore of a per se order of universality which will leave such manifestations of it as accrue to planets like Saturn, winged seed-pods on certain tall trees, and transcendental meditation decidedly in its wake as it heads, calmly and gracefully, towards its optimum manifestation in the most supreme being of a synthetically artificial mode of transcendentalism which will grant to the self, the brain stem and spinal cord of ego and soul, their immortal reward in an afterlife that will never end but remain eternally valid, as the self is saved by the soul to the timeless bliss of heaven.



LONDON 2003 (Revised 2004-12)