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My Rock Music Impossibles

Who or What is My Brother?

Art of the Sky

Nature of the Sky

Human Beings?

My Philosophical Use of the terms 'Supreme' and 'Primal' in Gender Context

Existentialist Dismay

Opposing Tyranny

Liberty from Autocratic Tyranny


God in Heaven

Literary Apologia

Distinguishing Global Music from Western and/or Eastern Music

Women and Children

Poetic vis-a-vis Philosophic Thought

More Poetic Philosophy than Philosophic Poet

Hope and Fear in Elemental Perspective

Concrete Basis of War

Witness to a Heaving Sky

Nature at War with Itself

Celestial Dichotomies

Clouds Reflecting Icebergs

An Analogical Take on Hoods and Umbrellas

War and Peace as Alpha and Omega

Fancies and Observations

Artist and People

Sky and Clouds

A Typical English Day

A Typical English Summer

An Honourable Atheism

Behind or Beyond the Sky?

Imaginative Perception of Cloud Predation

Body-building debases the Mind

Worldly Success

The Weaker Sex?

Hammer and Anvil

Suffering for One's Art

The Presumption of Beauty

Their Euphemistic Jungle

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones

On the Slide

Man's Creation

The so-called 'Fall of Man' is really the 'Fall of Woman'

Musical Politics

Panic in the Trees

Declining into Night

Devil's Work

Solace of Dreams

The Prying Eyes of Stars

I achieve Heaven by rejecting Hell

The Last Laugh

One of those Perfect Days

The Nature of Gender Struggles in a Dialectical World

Gender Contrasts in Devolutionary and Evolutionary Perspective

Orange and Green


Living in a kind of Limbo


Superlatives and Comparatives

German in Perspective

World War Two Leaders and/or Rulers


Bar Talk

Fighting the 'True Fight'

Iron Maiden

The Lie of God

What is Life?

How I Write

The Republic of Ireland

Seasons and pseudo-Seasons in Axial Perspective

I'm a Blogger, not a Logger

Thinkers and Writers

Success and Failure in Class Perspective

Charm of the Country

An Apparent Contradiction in Terms

The Basic Cause of my Intellectual Genius


A Lesson in History

The Unseen Artist

Multitude and Solitude in Antithetical Perspective

Lost in the Cloud

Erroneous Partialities of the Judeo-Christian Tradition

Stupid Songs


Michael Schenker

Nothing Novel about Novels

The Enemy of Truth

When Evil is not Recognized

The Nature of Classical Music

Young and Old in Opposite Directions

The Jewish God

Jesus Christ Superstar?

The Symphonic Status of Brahms