1.   They say that one man's meat is another's poison, and we all know that there is a strong grain of truth to it.  But it could also - and with equal justification - be said that a man's meat is a woman's poison or even that a God's meat is a Devil's poison, or vice versa.  For what most suits the one gender, whether male or female, is least suitable to the other, whether on the phenomenal planes of mass and volume, which are effectively lower class, or on the noumenal planes of time and space, their upper-class counterparts.


2.   This dichotomy between male and female interests is especially noticeable in relation to the division between sensuality and sensibility, with females, whether diabolic in spatial space or feminine in volumetric volume, being hegemonic in sensuality, but males, whether masculine in voluminous volume or divine in spaced space, being hegemonic in sensibility. 


3.   For until masculine males elect to rise diagonally from the sensuality of mass to the sensibility of volume, as from the massive mass of the phallus to the voluminous volume of the brain, they will continue to languish under feminine females in the sensuality of volume (volumetric), who will not have been brought low, in diagonal descent, from volumetric volume to massed mass, as from tongue to womb.


4.   And until divine males elect to rise diagonally from the sensuality of time to the sensibility of space, as from the sequential time of the ears to the spaced space of the lungs, they will continue to languish under diabolic females in the sensuality of space (spatial), who will not have been brought low, in diagonal descent, from spatial space to repetitive time, as from eyes to heart.


5.   The contexts of a female hegemony, whether in spatial space or volumetric volume, eyes or tongue, are blessed with freedom of not-self, which is to say, are characterized by free nature, whereas the contexts of a male subservience to that hegemony, whether in sequential time or massive mass, ears or phallus, are cursed with binding of self, which is to say, are characterized by psychic determinism.


6.   The consequence of inherent free nature for females is psychic determinism, whereas the consequence of enforced psychic determinism for males is free nature, and therefore only when the self is bound is the not-self free, whether directly, in consequence of natural freedom, as with females, or indirectly, in consequence of psychic determinism, as with males.


7.   The contexts of a male hegemony, on the other hand, whether in voluminous volume or spaced space, brain or lungs, are blessed or, rather, saved from the curse of psychic determinism to freedom of self, which is to say, are characterized by free psyche, whereas the contexts of a female subservience to that hegemony, whether in massed mass or repetitive time, womb or heart, are cursed or, rather, damned from the blessing of natural freedom to binding of not-self, which is to say, are characterized by natural determinism.


8.   For freedom is the principal issue for either gender, in whatever class position, and whether freedom is to be conceived of primarily in terms of nature, as with females, or primarily in terms of psyche, as with males, the one tends to preclude the other, since either natural freedom is paramount in sensuality or, following a male resolve, psychic freedom becomes paramount in sensibility, according to whether females or males are hegemonic.


9.   For the genders are not equal, and that which is in the best interests of the one gender is detrimental to the well-being of the other, is in effect the poison which the vanquished gender must swallow as the victorious gender gorges itself on the meat of its hegemonic triumphalism, be that triumphalism a consequence of free nature in sensuality or of free psyche in sensibility.


10.  Life is, of course, a compromise; for even with the best will in the world one cannot sustain it on the basis of the total triumph of the one gender over the other.  But neither can one tolerate a situation in which there is no possibility of salvation for males from sensuality to sensibility on both phenomenal and noumenal levels, and no correlative damnation of females from sensuality to sensibility on those levels, since such a situation, while not entirely excluding sensibility, would be overly heathen if not pagan in character, and therefore of no real benefit to the male gender, who would simply remain cursed by psychic determinism in under-plane subservience to a female hegemony for ever more, and in no position, in consequence, to establish either civilization or culture on a sensible basis.


11.  For culture and civilization certainly exist on a sensual basis with a female hegemony, the one beautiful in spatial space and the other strong in volumetric volume, but such manifestations of adherence to space and volume necessarily preclude their sensible counterparts, wherein knowledgeable civilization arises from out the curse, from a masculine standpoint, of knowledgeable generation, or generative knowledge, and true culture arises from out the curse, from a divine standpoint, of true race, or racial truth, as males elect for salvation from sensuality to sensibility and correlatively damn females from the heathen blessing of civilized strength to the Marian purgatory of generative strength in the feminine context, and from the pagan blessing of cultural beauty to the fundamentalist hell of racial beauty in the diabolic context, that of sensible time as opposed to sensible mass.


12.  Therefore the rise, diagonally, of masculine males from generative knowledge in the phallus to civilized knowledge in the brain requires the correlative fall, diagonally, of feminine females from civilized strength in the tongue to generative strength in the womb, and thus the subservience of strength to knowledge, of generation to civilization, of womb to brain, of a primary Mother, the fulcrum of punishment, to a secondary Son.


13.  Likewise the rise, diagonally, of divine males from racial truth in the ears to cultural truth in the lungs requires the correlative fall, diagonally, of diabolic females from cultural beauty in the eyes to racial beauty in the heart, and thus the subservience of beauty to truth, of race to culture, of heart to lungs, of a secondary Mother to a primary Son, the fulcrum of grace.


14.  For the subservience of generation to civilization in the phenomenal context of mass and volume, and the subservience of race to culture in the noumenal context of time and space are only really beneficial to females, who remain hegemonic in strength and beauty, while males continue to be deprived of their hegemonic possibilities in knowledge and truth, as befitting the development of civilization and culture on a sensible basis. 


15.  So long as males remain subservient, in psychic determinism, to free nature, as to cultural beauty and civilized strength, they will not achieve their own freedom on the psychic levels of knowledge and truth, but remain enslaved to the evil manifestations of culture and civilization from the foolish standpoints of racial truth and generative knowledge.  They will remain accursed, and in want of salvation!