1.†† Since I have discussed the terms and means by which this coming of the city into its religious own with cultural truth, aided and abetted by service from racial beauty in the administrative aside to a triadic Beyond in which new forms of civilized knowledge and generative strength would also be accorded a special place in the overall structure of this New Order of sensible Civilization, which in previous texts has been equated with 'Kingdom Come', I shall not waste either mine or the reader's time with further discussion of them here in what is, after all, something of a definitive and conclusive text.


2.†† But it is evident that the time has at last arrived whereby the final form of sensible Civilization is ready to materialize and stake its claim on the attentions of humanity, since the majority of people now live and work in contexts in which such a claim is fully justified, and through which the highest order of psychic freedom can come into its own, as natural determinism is sustained on both phenomenal and, especially, noumenal terms, or terms owing more to transcendentalism than to humanism, to metaphysics than to physics.


3.†† But we must not forget that any move towards salvation in wisdom and holiness by males must be earned by the repudiation of cultural beauty and civilized strength to which the twin follies of racial truth and generative knowledge have deferred, and therefore by the correlative damnation of females from the blessed hegemonies of evil and clearness to the natural constraints of goodness and unclearness, without which no salvation for males is ultimately possible.


4.†† For if males are to progress from sensuality to sensibility, as from the folly of generative and racial enslavement of self in sensual knowledge and truth to the wisdom of civilized and cultural freedom of self in sensible knowledge and truth, then the price of this is the regression of females from sensuality to sensibility, as from the evil of civilized and cultural freedom of not-self in sensual strength and beauty to the goodness of generative and racial enslavement of not-self in sensible strength and beauty.For if males are to be free then females must be bound, whether noumenally in repetitive time or phenomenally in massed mass, heart or womb.


5.†† For if females remain free on the necessarily natural terms that characterizes the primacy of not-self over self in response to the objectivity of a vacuous precondition, whether metachemical or chemical, then males will continue to be bound in their selves, whether phenomenal or noumenal, lower-class or upper-class, physical or metaphysical, and in no position to develop civilization and culture to their utmost sensible extents.


6.†† But if they elect for deliverance from psychic determinism under a female hegemony to the vegetative or airy heights in voluminous volume or spaced space of psychic freedom, then they will experience that pleasure or joy, according to subjective element and denominational entitlement (as discussed in previous texts), which comes from knowing or being true to their selves, whether phenomenal or noumenal, masculine or divine, and return to their rightful high estate in the freedom and dignity of self.


7.†† For males, remember, are creatures for whom self takes precedence over not-self in response to the subjectivity of a plenumous precondition, the precondition not of a nothingness but of a somethingness, not of a XX chromosomal negativity but of an XY chromosomal positivity, yet only in the Y of the sensibly metaphysical self, so to speak, wherein the protino is king, will that positivity actually attain to its maximum level, its true peak, and be joyfully at one with the self-of-selves, the soul.


8.†† That is the road to the 'Kingdom of God', and in that 'Kingdom' Heaven is revealed to him who gains admittance there and comes face to face with his true self in the joyfully supreme being of inner metaphysical essence.That is the omega point of the self, and he who attains to it attains to a psychic point beyond the taking grace of his ego and superior even to anything that the will and spirit, duly transmuted into mind and subspirit, of the relevant not-self can do or give from the bound sinfulness of an ultimate nature, sensibly metaphysical.


9.†† For they are akin, in lungs and breath, to the secondary God and Heaven of God-the-Wise-Father and Heaven-the-Holy-Spirit, whereas the inner metaphysical self is the throne of the primary God and Heaven of God-the-Wise-Son and Heaven-the-Holy-Soul, and it is only by implicitly forgiving and, thus, utilizing the (sub)natural sinfulness of the sensibly metaphysical not-self that the inherent psychic grace of the relevant self can attain to its maximum of freedom in the (sub)conscious joy of an ultimate beingfulness, the raison d'Ítre of the supreme religious process whereby God-the-Wise-Son achieves, through transcendental meditation, his psychic redemption and resurrection in Heaven-the-Holy-Soul, thereby attaining to the true goal of inner metaphysical life which, in the subjectivity of its noumenal absolutism, is eternal, and subject, moreover, to a cyclical recurrence wherein the self must return to its egocentric fulcrum before plunging anew into the will and spirit of the correlative not-self in the interests of self-redemption in the soul.