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The New Revelation

Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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This latest aphoristic project by John O'Loughlin,  standing at Opus 101 in a 122-opus oeuvre, carries on the task of highlighting the distinctions between Social Theocracy and Social Democracy, though always from a perspective favouring the former, and brings a fresh sense of exactitude to bear on a number of terms which have either been used interchangeably or in a more general way by him in the past, while simultaneously developing a more comprehensively exacting 'take' on what appertains to free psyche and bound soma and what, by contrast, appertains to free soma and bound psyche, so that one need be in no doubt that criteria applicable to the former are largely, if not completely, irrelevant to the latter....Which is why he has developed a different set of terminological markers for each context, whether in respect of noumenal or phenomenal, upper- or lower-class, criteria, so that there can be no ambiguity or ambivalence as to the sense in which these terms are being applied, and no justification, in consequence, for confusion over their use!  But the 'new revelation' alluded to in the title has to do with more than specific terminological practice, no matter how comprehensively exacting, since it is a revelation, above all, about life and the means by which life can be enhanced in respect of the more than Christian order of salvation which is what Social Theocracy is really all about. - A Centretruths editorial.



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