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The title of this eBook references both Christmas and, less obviously, the American informal expression of being in disfavour, so has nothing to do with kennels or dogs. The title, strangely enough, is also more applicable to only one of the chapters or numbered sections in this eBook, namely the last one which, in contrast to all the others, is a kind of excursion, rare for the author these days, into the fictional realm of short stories, albeit on terms that derive from an actual situation that occurred several decades ago when John O'Loughlin was still a boy and had not yet begun to make his own way in the world. So, with that said, we can honestly state that this eBook, like most of the preceding ones by the author, is mostly aphoristic philosophy, albeit of a sort that one would hope was unique to him and to his largely ideologically-motivated approach to literature of a philosophical nature. Those looking for either an extension of or a modification to certain logical or thematic aspects of Mr O'Loughlin's overall philosophy (of Social Transcendentalism) will not be disappointed. Nor will anyone who, mindful of poetic tendencies characterizing a few of his previous such works, doesn't mind the occasional departure from philosophical logic into fantasy or something approximating to poetic licence. And for those who like a dash of autobiography, whether personal or circumstantial, well, there is that, too. So, all in all, this work should not disappoint but, rather, serve to enhance his reputation as a philosophical artist of the first rank. - A Centretruths editorial.



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