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Essays & Aphorisms by John O’Loughlin

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Although a relatively minor work in itself, this volume of essayistic aphorisms and aphoristic essays – or ‘philosophical supernotes’ - is significant inasmuch as it signifies another of Mr O’Loughlin’s attempts to approach and develop Truth from a consistently aphoristic, not to say ideological, angle, and may be regarded as a harbinger of the types of ‘supernotational’ projects which, with a certain aphoristic flair, were to preoccupy him during the years 1985-93.  Divided into two parts, both of which are largely concerned with evaluating and revaluating various philosophical positions either already taken or common to his work in general, it paved the way for the systematic evaluating and revaluating which was to become so characteristic of Mr O’Loughlin’s work from now on, and to prove of such significance in his ability to develop and summarize Truth thereafter. The principal theme and concern of Evaluations and Revaluations is Social Transcendentalism and its relationship to what is termed 'the Centre' - a politico-religious concept roughly corresponding to a combination of church and state which the ideology in question would like to democratically advance in certain countries at the expense of traditional state/church relativity. - A Centretruths editorial.



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