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Cyclic Philosophy by John O'Loughlin

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Building on the enhanced comprehensiveness achieved by John O'Loughlin in The Myth of Equality (2001), this work returns us to the author's long-standing concept of a triadic Beyond and explains the distinction, hitherto unstressed, between primary and secondary forms of both salvation and damnation, according to denominational predisposition and gender affiliation, within the subdivisions of any given tier of the said Beyond.  It also builds upon the dichotomy between nature and psyche in both sensuality and sensibility, to explain in greater detail why either nature conditions psyche or, more sensibly, psyche conditions nature.  Of course, Mr O'Loughlin openly acknowledges the extent to which gender factors-in to the distinction between free nature and free psyche, but suggests that, through environmental progress from rural to urban, we have the ability to change the relationship of the one to the other in the interests of a more sensible outcome.  Finally, he reaffirms his opposition to religious affiliations based on psychic determinism and argues in favour of the environmental justification for an ultimate religious manifestation, within the triadic framework alluded to above, of psychic freedom, simultaneously restating the terms and means by which this may officially be brought to pass. - A Centretruths editorial.



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