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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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As suggested by the exclamatory nature of the title, this is John O'Loughlin's final volume of aphoristic philosophy and one that brings his philosophizing-cum-theosophizing, if not philologizing-cum-theologizing, to a cumulative head, as he restates some of the conclusive Social Theocratic theories of previous works, including Celestial City and Anti-Vanity Fair (2005), and modifies, expands, and refines upon various of the more characteristic theories of the recent past.  Also, not altogether usual for him, Mr O'Loughlin has allowed these theories to be invaded by a degree of autobiography which he needed to get out of his system and which, in any case, provided a springboard, as it were, to an enhanced approach to his regular approach to writing and thinking. Another unusual thing about this project is that much of the writing is more weblog-like than has usually been the case with previous works by the author, and that doubtless owes something to the fact that he now 'blogs' on the Internet and regards blogging as the electronic successor to his e-books.  Therefore it is fitting if his conclusive text happens to be more blog-like than book-like.  Also, now that he has so many web sites he finds it laborious, to the point of exasperating, to add a new file to each directory, especially since this requires an updating if not replacement of any lists and synopses which may already be there in order to incorporate the new work.  Frankly, even his synopses are now something of a major work in their own right!  But, that said, John O'Loughlin is first and foremost a writer of literary texts and has progressed, over the years, from philology to theology and from philosophy to theosophy, sacrificing knowledge to truth and pleasure to joy.  His work is its own vindication, and anyone with enough intelligence who reads it will sooner or later come to the conclusion that it both adds up to and provides a basis or blueprint for what has been colloquially described as 'Kingdom Come', a radically progressive alternative to either regressive or sensually-based structures of society that should lead, amongst other things, to the salvation of the world, as defined in this and other texts, and to eternal peace (gracefully for males) in the transcendental Beyond which it has been the privilege of this self-styled 'theologist' and 'theosophist' to delineate for the benefit of those who come after him and may well inherit, if all goes according to plan, the 'Kingdom of God' in question, such a 'kingdom' being anything but a kingdom in the usual autocratic sense but, in actuality, the theocratic antithesis to anything monarchic. - A Centretruths editorial.



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