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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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Although structurally and thematically similar to At the Crossroads of Axial Divergence (2003), composed, as ever, of aphoristic notes, this work by John O'Loughlin represents a quantum leap forward in certain areas which are explored more accurately and rigorously than before, progressing from a consideration of the distinctions between sacred and profane ego to the cultural and political differences between Europe and America, and of how Britain's attraction towards America undermines Europe and creates problems which even France cannot avoid being affected by - much as France differs from Britain in respect of its cultural and political traditions and should be judged, the author believes, by criteria closer, in essence, to those obtaining in countries like Eire, where the influence of the Catholic Church is traditionally omnipresent.  But America is an altogether different proposition from France, never mind Eire, and its influence on Britain is such as to make one desirous of a radical change in the British Isles which will make it easier for any residual influence to be minimized or even marginalized in the interests of greater European unity and cooperation, a change which, as the reader may have guessed, points in the direction of Social Theocracy and its politico-religious aspirations, as outlined in previous titles, which besides embracing the supranational transcendence of the British/Irish divide, include a more authentic order of religious transcendentalism as its raison d'etre.  Finally, as a word of advice, one should not read this title before one has progressed, step by step, through those that precede it; but once one has read it, one would probably incline, as we do, to regard it as the best thing Mr O'Loughlin has ever written in terms of that which projects furthest into a mystical, or metaphysically transcendent, future with the logical optimism which only loyalty to self can vouchsafe. - A Centretruths editorial.



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