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Cyclic Philosophy by John O'Loughlin

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With subjects that range from modern architecture and myth to the relationship of sensuality to sensibility in the evolution of media technology, this work in John O'Loughlin's multi-opus oeuvre is sufficiently variegated to be of general interest even if it didn't also contain material which expands on Magnus Dei, its immediate precursor, and is instantly recognizable in relation to the nature and development of his philosophy within an elemental structure which not only evaluates things or situations from a standpoint based in the four elements, but embraces a moral evaluation of them on both sensual and sensible terms in either inorganic or organic contexts.  This e-book certainly does that to what seems like a conclusive degree, and a fuller understanding of some subjects, including literature, the arts in general, and the relationship of science to religion or of politics to economics, would not be possible without such a comprehensive perspective which, whilst doing justice to every element or subject discussed, never looses track of its priorities and the goal that such a philosophy inexorably leads to when, as here, a proper moral and ideological evaluation of the various options by a world-class thinker has been systematically undertaken and achieved. = A Centretruths editorial.



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