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This project, which is comprised of two books, was originally intended as a kind of addendum to John O'Loughlin's oeuvre-proper, already published on the Internet under the title of Opera D'Oeuvre (or 'Opera Doeuvre', the 'opera' of course being plural of opus, of which there are over 120 listed examples), and should therefore be regarded as providing supplementary and even revisionary material to what is a vast collection of literary works dating back to the early 1970s, some of which are not even philosophic but either prosaic or poetic, as the case may be.  The greater bulk of the author's literary oeuvre is, however, philosophic; that is, concerned with the development of a metaphysical philosophy, and this additional text is therefore supplementary to the strictly philosophical material, and then only to the more recent aphoristic titles, stretching back merely two or three years.  It was originally published in weblog form, as noted above, under an assumed username at spweblog.com. But Mr O'Loughlin was always careful to make alternative versions of the texts and, indeed, to draft them independently of that, in order to publish them as a separate website having all or most of the characteristics of his principal literary publications, including, where the e-scroll versions are concerned, an italic-writerly typeface properly commensurate, in his view, with a metaphysical presentation of text.  Therefore whilst this is far from being as aphoristic - and structurally metaphysical - as what immediately preceded it, it is still recognizably John O'Loughlin's work, and must seem as icing on the cake for those who have already familiarized themselves with various of his mature writings - as we seriously advise the would-be reader to do - through prior internet publications, whether integral to or, as in the case of a variety of quartets and other composite publications, independent of Opera D'Oeuvre.  For only in relation to what has preceded it will this project make sufficient sense and suffice to round off the author's philosophical quest in no uncertain terms! - A Centretruths editorial.



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