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Essays & Dialogues by John O’Loughlin

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Combining essays and dialogues with aphorisms and maxims (the latter shorter and more formal than the former), this work goes beyond the scope of John O’Loughlin’s previous philosophical projects in both its form and content, opening out towards a post-atomic future in what amounts to an entirely new civilization.  Subjects tackled by the essays include the direction of literature in the civilization to come; the transitional nature of contemporary literature; revelations concerning future life-forms and their relationship to what is called the Ultimate Creation; the nature of divine love in relation to other types of love and its bearing on messianic credibility; antithetical equivalents – such as birds and planes or horses and motorbikes – in the evolution of human and other life; how the State 'withers' and why; the paradoxical allegiance of Christian pagans, or so-called Christians whose loyalty is rather more to the Creator than to Christ; and transcendental transvaluations in a world that has largely turned its back on nature in the pursuit of higher civilization.  After which the dialogues continue the philosophical debate in slightly more dramatic vein, distinguishing, amongst other things, between relativity and absolutism and, subsequently, the becoming and the become, before the project draws to an airy conclusion with both a series of aphorisms and a series of maxims, which encapsulate and expand upon various of the theories already broached. – A Centretruths Editorial



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