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Cyclic Philosophy by John O'Loughlin

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Here at last, compared with e-books like Pathways to 'the Kingdom', its chronological predecessor, is a more informal and even relaxed work, which enabled John O'Loughlin to lay one or two old autobiographical ghosts to rest whilst still continuing to haunt the realm of philosophy in no uncertain metaphysical terms!  In fact, it may be that this 2001 project enabled him to lay one or two long-standing philosophical ghosts to rest as well, since he did not shy away from a fresh look at some old theories and was duly rewarded, we believe, by a new perspective on certain things which he had begun, according to his own admission, to take too much for granted, even though his previous treatment of them had been anything but conventional or standard!  We at Centretruths believe that courage is its own reward and that he who dares to venture where none has gone before deserves the beneficial consequences, whatever they may be.  All we can say is that in this work certain very complicated and even paradoxical philosophical and moral issues have been tackled afresh and solved, to the best of Mr O'Loughlin's ability, with a structural comprehensiveness which leaves very little room for dissent.  In that, we believe the author has achieved, with a work that went on to become more universal than personal, far more than he could possibly have hoped for at the beginning! - A Centretruths editorial.



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