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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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Stemming in large measure from The Free Testament of a Bound Genius (2003), this title, which puns 'revolutionary', restates in greater detail many of the principal contentions of John O'Loughlin's recent philosophy and arrives at some new conclusions which render it all the more logically unassailable and entitled to be regarded as the criterion by which not only contemporary morality, but the distinction between morality and immorality, the light and the dark, should be judged, even if this does mean that some of one's treasured illusions should ultimately be discarded, in order that the light of truth may shine through in as unimpeded and unequivocal a way as possible.  Frankly, Mr O'Loughlin had no idea, when he tentatively began this title, that it would blossom into what is unquestionably the most eloquent and comprehensively exacting presentation of his philosophy thus far, a presentation that has the right, over and above adjectival conventions, to be called 'revelationary' in that much of what it reveals is so compellingly cogent as to be positively divine, the divine revelations of a thinker who knows the difference between God and the Devil but does not make the reductionist mistake of conceiving of history, much less life, as a struggle between Good and Evil when all the philosophical evidence points to the conclusion that good [the lower case is intentional] is merely the relative counterpart of Evil and no more than a just retort to something which, epitomizing vanity, is not merely antithetical to anything godly, but the principal obstacle to the salvation of the sinful to that which, gracefully transcending the world, is as far removed from any such struggle as it is possible to imagine. Yet not, on that account, indifferent to the plight of the meek! - A Centretruths editorial.



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