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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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Dealing with essentially the same subject-matter as its companion text Revelationary Afterthoughts (2003), this work is even more exactingly insightful in its understanding of the differences between the so-called eternal freedoms that rule or lead and the temporal bindings that submit, in worldly fashion, to the alternative dispensations so antithetically ranged above them, whether in contemporary or traditional guise.  Here there is no question but that the worldly division between what has been called 'the meek' and 'the just' is symptomatic of two entirely different and largely independent axial orientations, an ascending axis of church-hegemonic criteria and a descending axis of state-hegemonic criteria, and that the righteous salvation of those who meekly pertain to the former is crucial to the undermining if not, eventually, complete invalidation of the latter, who exist in axial polarity with 'the vain'. That said, salvation, for it to work, must be conceived on higher and more radical terms than has ever before characterized the diagonally ascending axis if 'the meek', as defined in the ensuing text, are to be more lastingly and efficaciously delivered not only from their own worldly limitations but, even more importantly, from the sorts of netherworldly predations to which, via those limitations, they are perforce subjected by 'the vain', or those who rule 'the just' to their mutual exploitative and immoral advantage.  As in all of Mr O'Loughlin's works, there is both further logical progress on what preceded it and, in the achievement of such progress, the necessary correction, from time to time, of previous contentions, and this work is no exception, all the more gratifyingly so in that what it has progressed to is nothing short of an unequivocal endorsement of a truth that dares to speak its name because it is genuinely universal and capable of resolving, once and for all, the dilemma of worldly division. - A Centretruths editorial.



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