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Essays & Dialogues by John O’Loughlin

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This substantial collection of essays, dialogues, aphorisms and maxims, dating from 1983-4, is largely the reverse, in formal terms, of The Will to Truth, its philosophical precursor, inasmuch as its first part is essayistic and its second part entirely composed of dialogues, thereby again bringing these two modes of philosophical phenomenality – as opposed to the noumenality, as it were, of the aphorisms and maxims - into harmony or, at any rate, close juxtaposition.  Here, as before, the essays constitute the main part, and they are once more conceived within the protective umbrella of a uniform ideology - namely the Social Transcendentalism which John O’Loughlin had been building towards in earlier works, but which here comes to ideological fruition.  Thus, whatever the subject, it is treated from a uniform ideological standpoint, the standpoint of a socially transcendent outlook on life, and this even when Mr O’Loughlin am not consciously aware of the fact.  Such an outlook is beyond humanism and all other worldly ideologies, whether of the left or the right, having to do with evolutionary striving towards a 'divine kingdom' which is, in a special centre-oriented sense, centrist in character, that is, centripetal and centred.  Yet this 'divine kingdom' does not follow death, as we customarily understand it, but presupposes the ordering of society according to certain idealistic principles designed to free mankind from its atomic past and indeed from itself, since the final outcome can only be supra-human in character.  Hence in each of these essays and dialogues, not to mention the ensuing aphorisms and maxims, a Social Transcendentalist concern with godly truth is what really matters, and it is this which leads us towards the prospect of the heavenly millennium to-come.  Whether the subject happens to be art, literature, sex, politics, psychology, drugs or whatever, the emphasis on Truth from a specific ideological perspective is what lifts Social Transcendentalism – Socialistic Means to a Transcendent End (to give its full title) beyond the sterile realm of intellectual speculation towards the potent challenge of universal freedom. - A Centretruths editorial.



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