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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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Continuing on from Radical Progress (2003), this new volume of aphoristic philosophy by John O'Loughlin is not only more comprehensively exacting than the previous one - and indeed all the earlier works of his-not-inconsiderable oeuvre - in relation to the various ideological permutations of both state and church, politics and religion, but more logically insightful of the diametrically opposite ways in which what has been termed 'world overcoming' operates, whether from a secular or an ecclesiastic standpoint, to the end of maintaining either the alpha ideal of somatic freedom from the standpoint of a female hegemony or the omega ideal of psychic freedom from the standpoint of a male hegemony, neither of which kinds of ideal, respectively evil and graceful, are or ever can be compatible, and therefore necessitate and invariably result in contrary types of society which, for obvious reasons, rarely if ever 'see eye to eye', but remain at gender loggerheads with each other for as long as 'the world' persists.  The 'world' as defined in the ensuing text, however, is no simple monolith where the People are concerned, but is divisible, on the above-mentioned basis, between those who take 'the earth' for granted in what Mr O'Loughlin has described as a democratic/plutocratic type of worldly bias and those, on the contrary, who live in hope of salvation from 'the world' in what has been called a bureaucratic/meritocratic type of worldly bias which, scorning 'the earth', is avowedly anti-earthly in character and the precondition, through sin, of heavenly grace.  Therefore, split asunder between two types of worldly society, the People, the Electorate, the Many, etc., cannot be evaluated according to any one set of criteria, but have to be differentiated on the basis of whether they ethnically appertain to the one manifestation of 'the world' or to the other, with contrary fates in both state and church, as described in this, the author's most ideologically conclusive project to-date. - A Centretruths editorial.



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