Free Verse by John O’Loughlin

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This collection of twenty-five mainly philosophical poems, written during 1982, may serve to confirm that John O’Loughlin had considerably deepened his approach to and concept of poetry since Dosshouse Blues (1973–4), and the result should not prove displeasing to anyone who would prefer to see him primarily as a philosopher (albeit a self-taught one) who occasionally dabbles in other things, poetry not excepted!  Doubtless the fact that he is someone of southern Irish birth who, brought over to England as a young child in consequence of parental separation, has spent the greater part of his life away from his native country ... has something to do with this paradoxical state-of-affairs, since one is often exposed to contrary influences and predilections, both natural and artificial, neither of which greatly ingratiates one to less complex or, perhaps I should say, paradoxically confused and disadvantaged people?  Be that as it may, John O’Loughlin accepts that he has, at various times in his life, been prepared to dabble in poetry, even if from a philosophic rather than a strictly poetic standpoint, since the adoption of alternative genres makes for variety both in the presentation and conception of one's thought, and can be beneficial to the writer himself, who could otherwise bog down in one mould and grow stale or bored, as the case might be.  Stressing the Essential, the first of four collections of philosophical poems written in successive years, precluded Mr O’Loughlin from experiencing such a stultifying fate and was thus of indirect benefit to his philosophical will.  It was not, however, any the less easy, so we are reliably informed, for him to write! – A Centretruths Editorial



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