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Abstract Poems by John O'Loughlin

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Unlike Mr O'Loughlin's previous collection of abstract poems or, better, poetic word art, simply entitled Contemplations (1985), which was uniformly lower-case in its monosyllabic abstraction extending through three volumes of polychrome print, this later project, dating from 1993, is of mixed-case and more polychromatically variegated.  Nonetheless the original intention of transcending literacy, or the process of reading, persists to no less effect here, in what is effectively a fourth volume of abstract contemplations, and it could therefore be said that these 'supercontemplations' are also intended to assist one in developing a contemplative frame-of-mind at the expense of cogitative norms, thereby transcending the intellect in what could be regarded as a mode of literary salvation approximating, once again, to high art. – A Centretruths Editorial



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