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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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Despite its portentous-sounding title, this work in the continuing oeuvre of John O'Loughlin's literary works progresses through successive stages in much the same way as the previous e-books and with all or most of the same concerns, except that its grasp of the distinction between soma and psyche, not-self and self, in relation to the divergent axes of state- and church-hegemonic types of society is more consistent and methodical than had previously been the case, with a consequence that one can differentiate quite sharply between the somatic bias of the one context in relation to evil and good and the psychic bias of the other context in relation to sin and grace - something that puts a new complexion on the corresponding complements to each of crime and punishment on the one hand, and of folly and wisdom on the other.  However, it must be said, in relation to the title, that if we are to accept a Last Judgement, we are obliged to acknowledge a First Judgement; for no less than God the Father logically obliges us to come to terms with the contrary existence of Devil the Mother, so Judgement, conceived in this fashion, also compels us to distinguish between alpha and omega, metachemistry and metaphysics, in terms of antimetaphysical and antimetachemical alternatives which, notwithstanding the antiphysical and antichemical corollaries of chemistry and physics respectively, have applicability to our own age and civilization in a way which leaves no doubt as to the significance of gender in bringing such contrary concepts to pass.  For here as elsewhere, nothing can be understood without reference to the axial divergence which follows from the hegemony of one of the two genders at the opposite gender's expense, making for a sharp distinction between alpha and omega, the first and the last, whether in respect of Judgement or, indeed, of anything else. - A Centretruths editorial.



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