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Cyclic Philosophy by John O'Loughlin

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The real point of this philosophical project becomes obvious enough as we proceed ever more comprehensively through the Elements and their various subdivisions, to discover the actual basis of the distinction between soma (formerly 'nature' in John O'Loughlin's texts) and psyche, and how they exist, according to gender, on both primal and supreme terms.  In fact, this work tightens-up on so many of the theories and conclusions which preceded it in the author's philosophical oeuvre that it would be difficult to imagine anything tighter and effectively more definitive in relation to them, since it provides logical evidence for the distinction between profanity and sanctity as applying not merely to men, much less women, but also to gods and devils, as explained in some detail.  Yet it also drives home the real point of cultural truth, contrasting it not merely with the moral bankruptcy of civilized knowledge, as of humanism in general, but with the agonizingly annihilating prospect of those secular realities which hang over the contemporary world in self-denying philistinism and are likely to claim ever more victims in the course of time unless the alternative that Mr O'Loughlin has suggested - and advocated all along - is democratically implemented and permitted to develop in the logical unfolding of an evolutionary solution to the problem of Man (as defined in the text).  For modern man is a problem, not a solution, and until his reign is officially consigned to the rubbish bin of world history, so to speak, it is impossible to see a brighter future for mankind in general, the sort of supra-human future alluded to in the above title, which should be the final player in the game of life as it evolves ever more upwards and inwards. - A Centretruths editorial.



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