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Philosophical Aphorisms by John O'Loughlin

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After a brief flirtation with numerology and a kind of oblique debunking of the esoteric or occult significance of triple-digit figures, this book quickly sets about its main task, which was to explore in more detail the dialectics of Yang and Anti-Yin, as already intimated at in previous e-books by John O'Loughlin, including The Dialectics of Gender and Class (2004), and bring to a conclusion matters which, in respect of noumenal sensibility, had been pending a more definitive resolution such that, as often in his work, could not but spill over into a more general resolution of other factors which had still not reached that definitive comprehensiveness that has been his goal all along and that, once reached, would confirm and enhance the truth of what most specifically pertains to the Truth, as an exemplification of godly resolve.  For every advance in the development and, ultimately, achievement of such a definitive working-out of all the parts in all the right places, however, there must come a corresponding advance to one's commitment of what most constitutes Truth, and a willingness to illustrate or exemplify it in terms of an appropriate textural presentation, one that cannot be merely phenomenal and 'human all too human', in Nietzschean parlance, but must first acknowledge and then scale and finally conquer the heights of a presentation of Truth which is incontestably godly and thus the only apt vehicle for what would traditionally have been called 'the Word of God', but which we, mindful of the author's opposition to  worshipful devotion, shall simply call 'godly word' and leave for others to approach according to their abilities or capacities for the noumenally sensible heights, whether on a metaphysical or, indeed, an antimetachemical basis, as explained, together with so much more, in this definitive presentation of John O'Loughlin's philosophy, which summarizes and brings to a conclusive resolution what in previous texts had still been in a formative stage of logical development and by no means as categorical a statement of Truth, together with what is less than and/or contrary to Truth, as is to be found on the pages of Yang and Anti-Yin, the End and Anti-Beginning of all philosophizing. – A Centretruths Editorial



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