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Conceived in alphabetical order, this 'dictionary' of John O’Loughlin’s philosophy ranges from A - Z in what is arguably one of the most thematically comprehensive and structurally definitive of all his texts – one that not only sums up the ideological philosophy of Social Transcendentalism, as conceived of and originated by him, but still manages to refine upon and remodel, in typically cyclical vein, some of the accepted wisdom of the past, as well - dare we say? - as add new material to the overall corpus of philosophical ideas. Even so, this is far from being the last work in Mr O’Loughlin’s oeuvre, and therefore we cannot claim that it will do definitive justice to every subject listed, or that there aren’t subjects which either haven’t been listed or have since been revaluated and enhanced, not to say introduced for virtually the first time. Suffice to say that it should be a fairly reliable guide to everything up to 1998-99, the time of its compilation. – A Centretruths editorial.

Terminological Dictionary

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