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The Fourfold Composition of Elements ...

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Even by John O'Loughlin's own structurally exacting standards this is an exceptionally demanding work, the logical comprehensiveness of which matches if not surpasses the best of what he has done in the past, with the benefit of a number of theoretical modifications brought to bear on the overall Element-derived frameworks which, as suggested by the title, encompass both subatomic elements as hegemonic factors and pseudo-subatomic pseudo-elements as subordinate factors in any given pairing, or complementarity, that may be presumed to exist in axial polarity with either a noumenalor a phenomenal, an ethereal or a corporeal, counterpart within both church-hegemonic and state-hegemonic parameters, as defined by the author. But the conclusions arrived at in this work are only the end-product, as it were, of much formative and speculative material which led to them, and it was during the earlier phases of its construction that, not altogether surprisingly, the writing was most discursive and, frankly, open to a variety of literary avenues, including material of an autobiographical and poetical nature that helped to give the text a certain literary openness which should prove as intriguing to the general reader as to those whose orientation is philosophical but who like their philosophy to be supplemented in such eclectic fashion, as much to preclude pretentious academicism or undue tedium as to refresh the mind and keep one wondering as to what is coming next. Therefore one shouldn’t be afraid of the title, because there is much here that would have absolutely nothing to do with it, and what does is logically credible enough to stand at the apex of John O'Loughlin's philosophical adventure in conclusion to a long 'inner journey', one that began back in the early 1970s with his first tentative forays into literature. – A Centretruths editorial.

The Fourfold Composition of Elements and pseudo-Elements in Axial Perspective

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