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The Impotance of Technology

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This well-thought-out collection of philosophical writings, dating from 1981-82, progresses through seven quite lengthy dialogues before culminating in a number of aphorisms. Subjects tackled by the dialogues include the importance of technology to a transcendental future, kinds of writers and class, the significance of spiritual development to the nature of philosophical truth, the unitary goal of evolution, different types of decadence, a critique of pornography from the standpoint of contemporary relevance, and the quite remarkable literary parallels between Henry Miller and Malcolm Muggeridge. In sum, The Importance of Technology is a far from definitive but nonetheless highly engaging and sometimes mind-boggling debate on a variety of controversial issues with, as per custom for Mr O’Loughlin at this time, an aphoristic appendix which both subsumes and expands on a number of the subjects under discussion. - A Centretruths editorial.

The Importance of Technology to the Transcendental Future

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