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The Triumph of Being

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No sooner had John O’Loughlin completed the ambitious Terminological Dictionary of Social Transcendentalism (1998) than a seismic shift occurred in his thinking with regard not only to the subject of morality, about which he had theorized on a somewhat different basis in the past, but also, and more importantly, to such concepts as 'superman', 'supermasculine', 'supernatural', and so on, which, in long-standing deference to Nietzsche, he had previously taken too much for granted. Now, with a deeper concept of nature, he was in a position to revaluate such terms and effectively displace them from what had been a metaphysical perch, setting up a new valuation for that which sensibly appertains to the divine. The result, not surprisingly, may come as a shock to those who had supposed him too set in a Nietzschean mould. – A Centretruths editorial.

The Triumph of Being


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