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Agape Like an Ape

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With this title the author believes he has finally rached the end of his long philosophical journey, spanning some five decades, in what he regards as the 'apotheosis' of his metaphysically-oriented philosophy, the 'top rung' of the tall ladder that he has climbed, 'rung by rung', in the process of overhauling one book after another with intent to nailing his ethical and logical and ontological and eschatological colours to the mast of what, as Metaphysical Truth, has guided him in his quest for the definitive realization and presentation of his philosophy. But be warned: this is not a prose text, so don't expect the going to be easy, because it won't be, even if an analogy with 'Finnegans Wake' as the arcane end-product of a long literary career would not be altogether fanciful!


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