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This project, divided into two books, both of which originally date from 1977 but have now been extensively revised and reissued in a new format, signifies an attempt by author John O'Loughlin to return to basics in philosophy and understand the connections and indeed interrelations of antitheses, polarities, opposites, and other such neat philosophical categories in relation to the relativity of everyday life. It is not an express attempt to expound the Truth ... in respect of metaphysical knowledge ... but, rather, a modest undertaking, on his part, to comprehend the paradoxes of the world in which we happen to live, and seek to unveil some of the illusions and superstitions which make the pursuit of metaphysical knowledge such a difficult, not to say protracted, task. Hopefully the result of this undertaking is a franker and maturer approach to those very paradoxes which were the inspiration for this project and which led to some of its most striking contentions. – A Centretruths Editorial


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