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Collected Philosophical Dialogues

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If John O'Loughlin has republished his philosophical dialogues in this enlarged format it is not because he regards them as representing the pinnacle of philosophical and/or theological truth, but simply for the record, as a marker, in one convenient volume, along the route of his literary progress towards its philosophical apotheosis several decades later, with which few people would wish to venture, still less tally, who had not already acquainted themselves with – shall we say – less demanding and, hence, more accessible texts long beforehand.

Nonetheless, we should not wish to underestimate or undermine such philosophical complexities of logic and methodology as do exist in these dialogues, since they were the product of an engagement with philosophy on various genre fronts, so to speak, and therefore match if not surpass, for sheer speculative audacity, the best of John O'Loughlin's essays and early aphorisms, which are also available, together with a philosophical approach to short prose ('short stories' would hardly do justice to a majority of them), in collectivized formats the better to underline a chronological consistency of style and theory that is generally characteristic of the author's early works. – A Centretruths editorial

Collected Philosophical Dialogues

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