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Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealsim

Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealsim Image

Although not a critique in the strictly analytical sense, this 1989-91 work is nonetheless sufficiently methodical and wide-ranging in its comprehensive treatment of a variety of interrelated subjects to warrant serious consideration as a vehicle for the advancement, on a Social Transcendentalist basis, of post-dialectical idealism (truth) in a world too long torn between the conflicting claims of realism and materialism, not to mention naturalism. Of especial significance here are the T-like diagrammatic structures which, deferring to a fourfold approach to thought based in the Elements, enabled John O’Loughlin to flesh-out, in fairly comprehensive vein, the various components of any given subject and to analyse it in relation to his overriding idealistic bias. Subjects tackled include, curiously enough, a theory of the connections between a given mode of attire and the most appropriate approach to sexual intercourse in relation to it, as well as an investigation, more seriously, of the relationships between 'naturalistic' and ‘artificial’ products or technologies at both 'head' and 'bodily' levels. - A Centretruths editorial.

Critique of Post-Dialectical Idealism

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