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This slightly ironically-titled collection of revised and reformatted weblogs, written intermittently between 2006-7, chews the philosophic cud in a variety of settings, some metaphysical, others not so metaphysical (as in the opening supernote), but does so with an essayistic flair that owes more, we think, to the blogging medium from which these 'supernotes' were derived than to any conscious intent on their author's part to be essayistic or discursive. Nonetheless, these supernotes – habitually defined by John O'Loughlin as aphoristic essays and/or essayistic aphorisms – are recognizably a part of his overall literary canon, and we think the reader familiar with his works in general would find ample evidence of fresh cud-chewing of an ideologically-motivated nature to satisfy any hunger for Social Theocratic truth. - A Centretruths editorial.

Philosophical Ruminations & Theosophical Illuminations

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