Appendix I


When the most righteous of ‘Philosopher Kings’, the aphoristic philosophy king, and the most pseudo-just of ‘Fiction Queens’, the short-prose fiction queen, join forces, then will the meek and pseudo-vain of the pseudo-omega/alpha world be saved and counter-damned from their lowly positions to ultimate righteousness and pseudo-justice, holiness and pseudo-unclearness, blessedness and pseudo-cursedness.


To contrast the drama of metachemical objectivity (will) with the pseudo-drama of chemical objectivity (spirit), as one would contrast speaking with pseudo-speaking, or doing with giving.


To contrast the poetry of pseudo-physical subjectivity (pseudo-ego) with the pseudo-poetry of pseudo-metaphysical subjectivity (pseudo-soul), as one would contrast reading with pseudo-reading, or pseudo-taking with pseudo-being.


To contrast the prose of pseudo-chemical objectivity (pseudo-spirit) with the pseudo-prose of pseudo-metachemical objectivity (pseudo-will), as one would contrast writing with pseudo-writing, or pseudo-giving with pseudo-doing.


To contrast the philosophy of metaphysical subjectivity (soul) with the pseudo-philosophy of physical subjectivity (ego), as one would contrast thinking with pseudo-thinking, or being with taking.


Drama, corresponding to metachemistry, is the literature of the speaking Vain, pseudo-poetry, corresponding to pseudo-metaphysics, is that of the pseudo-reading pseudo-Meek.


Pseudo-drama, corresponding to chemistry, is the literature of the pseudo-speaking pseudo-Vain, poetry, corresponding to pseudo-physics, is that of the reading Meek.


Pseudo-philosophy, corresponding to physics, is the literature of the pseudo-thinking pseudo-Righteous, prose, corresponding to pseudo-chemistry, is that of the writing Just.


Philosophy, corresponding to metaphysics, is the literature of the thinking Righteous, pseudo-prose, corresponding to pseudo-metachemistry, is that of the pseudo-writing pseudo-Just.


The righteousness of the true philosopher king is established on the basis of the aphoristic brevity, and fidelity to truth, of his philosophy. His thoughts fly on wings of thoughtful insight towards the pinnacle of truth.


The pseudo-justice of the pseudo-beautiful fiction queen is established on the basis of the pseudo-prosaic brevity, and fidelity to pseudo-beauty, of her fiction.  Her stories intuitively flit from subject to subject without ceasing to be pseudo-prosaic.


In the future, literature must be ruled by the aphoristic righteousness of the Philosopher King and by the pseudo-prosaic pseudo-justice of the Fiction Queen.  There can be no place for anything that is either less than philosophically true or pseudo-prosaically fictitious (pseudo-beautiful).


The salvation of poetic falsity to philosophic truth and the correlative counter-damnation of pseudo-dramatic facticity to pseudo-prosaic fiction will pave the way for the damnation of dramatic fact to prosaic fiction (long prose, or novels) and the correlative counter-salvation of pseudo-poetic falsity to pseudo-philosophic truth (knowledge).


Only thereafter can pseudo-philosophic truth be axially converted to poetic falsity as a precondition of salvation to philosophic truth, while prosaic fiction undergoes a conversion to pseudo-dramatic fact as a precondition of counter-damnation to pseudo-prosaic fiction, the pseudo-just complement to the righteousness of philosophic truth.


Thus everything will disappear but philosophic truth and pseudo-prosaic fiction, which are the ultimate forms, according to gender, of literature.


The real enemy of philosophic truth is not dramatic fact (though that necessarily excludes truth) but pseudo-philosophic truth, which essayistically poses as truth from the standpoint of humanistic knowledge.


Divine knowledge, which is aphoristic, cannot prevail while the essayistic prolixity of pseudo-philosophy continues to pose as truth.


Only when pseudo-philosophy has been eclipsed by poetry and prose by pseudo-drama, following the eventual collapse of state-hegemonic axial criteria, will there be any prospect of a universal acknowledgement of genuine philosophy coupled, in pseudo-metachemistry, to pseudo-prose.


That will be the age when the Philosopher King and pseudo-Prose Queen truly reign, aphoristic philosophy and short-prose fiction having triumphed over everything else in divine and pseudo-diabolic partnership akin to St George and the (neutralized) Dragon, which is also, be it not forgotten, the bound lion that lies down with the free lamb of God, ‘lying down’ in pseudo-metachemistry under metaphysics as the avenging angel of the Lord, for whom any hint of free soma and bound psyche is anathema.


But even then, the hegemony of true philosophy over pseudo-prose will be akin to choppers and jump jets, to tapering zipper-suits and straight dresses, to curved-handled rifles and sheathed swords, to an ultimate literary righteousness and pseudo-justice which will reign in ‘Kingdom Come’ for ever and anon as the best of all possible literary worlds.