Centretruths is the name of my domain, but it is also the name I give to a vast collection of philosophical writings by me which are what I would call 'true to the centre' and aimed, chronologically, at 'the centre of truth', which, as people may or may not know, is a godly order of ego associated with metaphysics and thus with the airy element par excellence and, the way I figure it, subatomically with photons rather than, say, protons, electrons, or neutrons.


Thus it is about light, but not the light that is 'freaked out' by heat, as in the case of sunlight, but the light that is internal and self-perpetuating and, in any ultimate sense, heavenly in its joyful beatitude.


Metaphysics is also the element that is more about Heaven than about God, more about soul, one could say, than ego, and therefore it is only definitive and truly itself when it exists in a kind of least ego (or god) to most soul (or heaven) ratio, something, I have argued in certain of my books, which it has not done hitherto but will only do, if it is to do so at all, in the future, when metaphysics 'comes out' in its true colours and proclaims its entitlement to lead life beyond not only previous levels or manifestations of metaphysics, but every other elemental alternative to itself as well, the antimetachemical-cum-pseudo-metachemical corollary of itself duly excepted.


I look forward to such a 'coming out' of metaphysics, and have done my best, in a succession of philosophical works, to make that possible.