Social Theocratic pluralism is inextricably linked to my concept of the Triadic Beyond, suitable, with due gender segregation, to what should be, following a majority mandate for religious sovereignty out of the paradoxical utilization of the democratic process in certain countries with, like Eire, a church-hegemonic tradition, peoples of ex-catholic (top tier), ex-puritan (middle tier), and ex-Anglican (bottom tier) descent, with further provisions for peoples of ex-Buddhist (top tier), ex-Moslem (middle tier), and ex-Judaic and/or Hindu (bottom tier) descent. Thus everybody would have his/her place in this triadic Beyond of the Social Theocratic Centre, which stood for the overcoming of ethnic pluralism in an ethnic universality (Social Theocratic and/or Transcendentalist) which was inherently pluralistic.


The institutional edifice (of the Social Theocratic Centre) would be constructed on a towering curvilinear basis with a centripetal structure, reminiscent (though not identical to) the curvilinear towers of early-Christian Celtic tradition. Thus at the top, a metaphysical/pseudo-metachemical tier subdivisible between supermasculine and pseudo-superfeminine gender elements; in the middle, a physical/pseudo-chemical tier subdivisible between masculine and pseudo-feminine gender elements deferential (unlike their state-hegemonic axial predecessors of before) to metaphysics and pseudo-metachemistry; and at the bottom. a chemical/pseudo-physical tier subdivisible between feminine and pseudo-masculine gender elements deferential (unlike their metachemical/pseudo-metaphysical counterparts of before) to physics and pseudo-chemistry, with the long-term possibility for both bottom- and middle-tier peoples of further progress towards metaphysics/pseudo-metachemistry as evolutionary and counter-devolutionary pressures make for enhanced centro-complexification in the interests of a totalitarian - but still gender divisible - consummation earmarked for space-centre apotheosis.