In ‘Kingdom Come’ – which I equate with the introduction, through democracy, of Social Theocracy – the church-hegemonic lower last will become church-hegemonic higher first in a switch from pseudo-physics to metaphysics, while the state-subordinate lower first will become state-subordinate higher last in a switch from chemistry to pseudo-metachemistry.  In other words, the pseudo-physical meek will become the metaphysical righteous, while the chemical pseudo-vain will become the pseudo-metachemical pseudo-just.


In consequence of which, the state-hegemonic higher first will become state-hegemonic lower last in a switch from metachemistry to pseudo-chemistry, while the church-subordinate higher last will become church-subordinate lower first in a switch from pseudo-metaphysics to physics.  In other words, the metachemical vain will become the pseudo-chemical just, while the pseudo-metaphysical pseudo-meek will become the physical pseudo-righteous ... until such time as circumstances, relative to my concept of the triadic Beyond, may decide otherwise, i.e. until such time as an accommodation with church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axial criteria, stretching from southwest to northeast on the intercardinal axial compass, becomes universal.


To contrast, on polar church-hegemonic axial terms, the faithful fear of the righteous cultured for the meek philistine and, conversely, the faithful hope of the meek philistine for the righteous cultured, while also contrasting, on rather more state-subordinate axial terms, the pseudo-faithless hope of the pseudo-just pseudo-civil for the pseudo-vain pseudo-barbarous and, conversely, the pseudo-faithless fear of the pseudo-vain pseudo-barbarous for the pseudo-just pseudo-civil.


To contrast, on polar state-hegemonic axial terms, the faithless fear of the vain barbarous for the just civil and, conversely, the faithless hope of the just civil for the vain barbarous, while also contrasting, on rather more church-subordinate axial terms, the pseudo-faithful hope of the pseudo-meek pseudo-philistine for the pseudo-righteous pseudo-cultured and, conversely, the pseudo-faithful fear of the pseudo-righteous pseudo-cultured for the pseudo-meek pseudo-philistine.