When one takes a good long look at the Nazi swastika, it becomes impossible to avoid the conclusion that there is more X than Y about it, and that it could be said to reflect a further degeneration from the Iron Cross-type freaked-out departure, along with figureless straight crosses in general, from the ‘true cross’ … of a Y-like figure with upstretched arms whose very existence intimates of divine, or metaphysical, possibility, of an eternity of Y-chromosomal fidelity to self, psychically speaking, for the liberated male, the male who is neither a child of his mother nor a victim, later on, of female XX-chromosomal encroachment, with the end of a worldly resolution in the surrogate plenum of maternity in mind or, rather, body.


Thus the free male is Y-like in his ‘philosopher king’-like studied aloofness from the world and commitment to psychic self, his true self which the ‘true cross’ of Roman Catholic tradition intimates of, and which the Y-like ‘supercross’, that upended CND-like emblem with male and female symbols attached, of Social Theocratic futurity will help bring to fruition even for the broad mass of ‘lapsed catholic’ pseudo-males … in the interests of their deliverance from pseudo-earthly worldly subjection to the purgatorial female whose somatic freedom, in maternity, exists at their psychic expense.


As, it could be argued, did the Nazi swastika, with its X-like disregard for individual, i.e. male, liberty and ruthless predatory pursuit of ends that, national socialistically speaking, could only prove enslaving to males while, correlatively, allowing females to feel more predatorily and/or maternally free – indeed, rewarding such people with a special state-recognized status!  To say that Hitler was a ‘sonofabitch’ would almost certainly be an understatement, given the Nazi propensity for the X-like swastika and X-like war upon the male psyche.  One can be all the more grateful to countries like Britain and America, despite their own WASPish shortcomings, for having stood up to this X-like threat to male freedom, including freedom of the press, and, together with the Soviet Union, put her to the sword of military defeat (this metaphor is not, I realize, in the best of taste, but nonetheless …) and effective consignment to the proverbial ‘rubbish bin of history’.


We should also be grateful that Britain and America, together with their Western allies, subsequently stood up to the Soviet Union during the Cold War, bringing this false kind of Communism, which I have long identified with radical Social Democracy, down … for want of economic and political credibility.  Social Theocracy, which I like to equate with the ‘true communism’ of a dope-motivated communal cyborgization, in ‘Kingdom Come’, of the religiously sovereign, whether male or pseudo-female, in the event of a majority mandate for religious sovereignty having come democratically to pass within church-hegemonic societies, has nothing to do with this economic falsehood, which can be regarded as an extrapolation from liberal democracy and bourgeois humanism, a proletarian form of humanism that one would identify with social democratic totalitarianism and consider totally unworthy of respect for its total want of ‘God-building’ and atheistic repudiation of religion, a repudiation that is only to be expected from the secular absolutist offshoot of state-hegemonic protestant humanism and anti-catholic secularity.


For those, on the other hand, who clung, church-hegemonically, to the ‘true cross’ of Roman Catholic tradition, there could be no truck with social democratic totalitarianism, much less Nazism, nor any encouragement to the destabilization and debasement of church-hegemonic axial criteria through radical republicanism, which derives less from Marx and the British Library Reading Room than from the French Revolution and opposition, within Catholic countries, to the Church for its monarchic ties and even to the principles of a church-hegemonic society, whether or not this is understood – which is arguably unlikely – in strict axial terms. 


Such secular-oriented departures from state deference to the ‘true church’ tend to reap a fascist-like retort, which is not to be confused with nazi-to-militarist retorts to radical social democracy on state-hegemonic-to-state-absolutist axial terms.  And fascistic retorts to radical republicanism do not generally result in failure, least of all in countries with a strong Catholic tradition.  In the end, even radical republicanism has to toe the ethnic line and realize that a completely secular alternative to church-hegemonic traditions, no matter how liberalized, is simply not on, since likely to lead back to the protestant-inspired secularities of the state-hegemonic axial traditions so characteristic of countries like Britain and America, and in Eire, for one country, no such direction, fifth-columnist exceptions to the rule notwithstanding, is axially feasible.


So they simply have to hang-on, these catholic countries, in some kind of loosely church-hegemonic axial vein that, allowing for certain secular freedoms, is still axially at variance with the state-hegemonic traditions and will continue so to be until such time as the ‘resurrection’ of church-hegemonic axial criteria, social theocratically, makes possible their own overhaul in terms of a more capable, permanent, radical deliverance of both the pseudo-male and the female from ‘the world’ to the otherworldly and, for pseudo-females, pseudo-netherworldly contexts of ‘Kingdom Come’, in which the liberated male will rise, Y-like, over the enslaved or neutralized pseudo-female whose XX-chromosomal dispositions will no longer be encouraged or even permitted to operate freely, as in the heathenistic past, but be put out of commission, so to speak, in the interests of male holiness in grace and wisdom, free psyche and bound soma, metaphysically.


Therefore the only thing that overhauls the ‘true cross’ of Catholic tradition is the ‘supercross’ of social theocratic communism, and in the course of time this upended CND-like emblem will become more purely and freely Y-like, as though in a departure, on evolutionary terms, from superchristian to supra-christian criteria commensurate with the supersession of psychic ego by psychic soul, of visionary relativity by unitive absolutism, for metaphysical males, whose pseudo-metachemical pseudo-female counterparts will likewise proceed, on counter-devolutionary terms - and under a contiguously-encircled absolute star emblem equally badgeful, or badge-like, in character -, from relative somatic binding to absolute somatic binding, bound spirit to bound will, the pseudo-female corollary, long-term, of free soul.


Therefore not one emblem, as in Christianity, for both genders but two emblems, one for each gender, as civilization emerges from out the androgynous shadow of ‘the world’ into the gender-differentiated structure of ‘Kingdom Come’, to a condition in which the male rises Y-like above the prone pseudo-female in perfect liberation from pseudo-earthly submission.  His destiny is Heaven, hers … pseudo-Hell, and in the achievement of this, global universality will have come properly to pass or, at least, have brought itself to the threshold of space-centre apotheosis and complete transcendence of the world.


How far one will then be from the imperial eagle and XX-like predatory exploitation of the Nazis and their accursed swastika!  We are no idiots, we Social Theocrats, but Yidiots, it could be said, whose affirmation of all things Y-like and transcendent brings us closer to the spirit, nay, the soul of Ysrael when it comes into the fullness of its universal destiny and spiritually presides over a world in which God and Heaven, though especially Heaven, are universally triumphant, with a pseudo-Devil and pseudo-Hell under His metaphorical heel for all eternity, like the prone dragon (pseudo-dragon) that the legendary English saint remains master of in the name of Eternal Peace, the imperial eagle vanquished from the face of the earth for ever more.