Salvation, about which subject I have theorized at some length over the years, is essentially a metaphysical deliverance of the pseudo-physical from the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass to its northeast point on what I have customarily described as the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis, as germane, in traditional terms, to Irish Catholicism and, indeed, to Catholicism generally.


Salvation presupposes some degree of ‘Messianic intervention’ by a Christ-like ‘philosopher king’ germane to the metaphysical northeast point of the aforementioned intercardinal axial compass, who regards it as his mission to deliver the pseudo-physical pseudo-males from the hegemonic domination of chemical females, whose influence is such as to cause the pseudo-physical to mirror, on a converse ratio basis to themselves (kind of 1½:2½ as opposed to 2½:1½), free soma and bound psyche, contrary to male gender reality, in the phenomenal relativity of physics, of a relatively preponderating ratio of free psyche to bound soma (2½:1½).


Hence upended males, or pseudo-males, under chemical female hegemonic pressure at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass, the pseudo-physical ‘meek’, who are both sinful (bound psychic) and foolish (free somatic), deserve, in the Messianic estimation, to be delivered from their paradoxical predicament to a situation that, in metaphysics, would be comprised of free psyche and bound soma, in sync with male gender reality, except that, unlike with the phenomenal relativity of physics (which the pseudo-physical also correspond to), the ratio of psyche to soma obtaining in metaphysics would be in the order of 3:1, in keeping with the noumenal absolutism of the elemental position in question.


Hence a deliverance from the unsaved predicament, under chemical female hegemonic pressure, of a relatively preponderating (2½:1½) ratio of bound psyche (sin) over free soma (folly) to an absolutely preponderating (3:1) ratio of free psyche (grace) over bound soma (wisdom) in metaphysics, the latter of which would be unequivocally hegemonic – and this is the important point – over pseudo-metachemistry, the pseudo-female equivalent of pseudo-physics, except that, being noumenal, it would have an absolute ratio, under metaphysical male hegemonic pressure, of free psyche to bound soma, not, of course, in terms of 3:1 free psyche to bound soma (which would be male and metaphysical) but, rather, in terms of 1:3 free psyche to bound soma, the converse of the male position and correlative destiny, in counter-damnation, of chemical females, whose ratio of free soma to bound psyche, being relatively predominant, derives from their hegemonic position over the pseudo-physical pseudo-males, a ratio of 2½:1½ free soma (pseudo-evil) to bound psyche (pseudo-crime) that, with counter-damnation to pseudo-metachemistry, would be replaced by the aforementioned absolute ratio (1:3) of free psyche (pseudo-justice) to bound soma (pseudo-goodness) in consequence of metaphysical male hegemonic pressure.


Of course, the counter-damnation of chemical females to pseudo-metachemistry is not – and could not be – the responsibility of the godly Saviour, who would have his hands full, so to speak, with saving the pseudo-physical to metaphysics, but of a correlative ‘shadow figure’, a kind of pseudo-devil, or pseudo-devilish Counter-Damner, whose pseudo-metachemical pseudo-female status was appropriate to the position and, hence, to the destiny of chemical females.


Being hegemonic, if equivocally so, over pseudo-physical pseudo-males at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass at the base of the church-hegemonic/state-subordinate axis, the chemical females are akin to the ‘first’ who, with counter-damnation, would end-up ‘last’ in pseudo-metachemistry, but only because the pseudo-physical ‘last’ under them had become, through salvation, the metaphysical ‘first’ unequivocally hegemonic, in the noumenal absolutism of the context in question, over them, and more akin, in consequence, to the legendary Saint (George) whose heel keeps a prone, or neutralized, dragon (pseudo-dragon) in its lowly ‘under-foot’ place, a plane down (pseudo-space) from the metaphysical eternity (of time) at the northeast point of the axial compass in question, the summit, as it were, of church-hegemonic/state-subordinate (free psyche/bound soma) axial criteria.


Thus the salvation of the pseudo-physical ‘meek’ presupposes the correlative counter-damnation of the chemical ‘pseudo-vain’, the former, under divine auspices, to metaphysics, the latter, under pseudo-diabolic auspices, to pseudo-metachemistry, neither of which can succeed, much less obtain, without the co-existence of the other.


For salvation is for pseudo-physical pseudo-males to become metaphysically male, while counter-damnation is the fate correlatively reserved for chemical females, who would become pseudo-metaphysically pseudo-female, kind of prone virgin-like at the foot of the ‘true cross’ upon which the Saviour is raised up, with Y-chromosome-intimating upstretched arms, towards metaphysical blessedness.


We who endorse Social Theocracy go beyond such traditional intimations of salvation and counter-damnation even emblematically; for a truly developed context of metaphysics over pseudo-metachemistry can only transpire on the global basis, as germane to post-Western terms, of ‘Kingdom Come’, so to speak, from a position that rejects metachemistry hyped as metaphysics, or Devil-the-Mother hyped as God-the-Father, and thereby allows for the full complement, independent of Creatoresque fundamentalism, of metaphysics in free psyche and bound soma, ‘father’ and ‘son’, and, more importantly, ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’, the holiness of which will be due, in no small measure, to the perfect gender sync characterizing the male who is fully and completely metaphysical, not only true in free psyche and illusory (not false) in bound soma, but, more importantly, joyful in free psyche and woeful in bound soma, the absolute ratio (3:1) of psyche to soma more than satisfying the requirements of perfect self-righteousness.


Heaven, my friends, is for metaphysical males, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool and a simpleton and, in all probability, an apologist of the androgynous liberalism of worldly relativity that degenerates towards feminism.