Besides salvation-proper, about which I theorized in the previous article (see ‘The Essence of Salvation’), there are what could be described as ‘bovaryized’ concepts or interpretations of salvation that, frankly, accrue to other parts of the intercardinal axial compass than to the metaphysical northeast.


Such religious ‘bovaryizations’, wherein a religious concept or position is compromised – and vitiated – by some other controlling element than the metaphysical – could be described as physical, pseudo-physical (which is a pseudo-element dominated by chemistry), and pseudo-metaphysical (a pseudo-element dominated by metachemistry), and they would have little or nothing in common with the metaphysical ethos, subject to a messianic twist, of delivering ‘the meek’ (meaning the pseudo-physical) from ‘the world’ … of their pseudo-earthly subjection to a purgatorial hegemony having to do (in Marian fashion) with chemical females a plane up from them (in volume over pseudo-mass) at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass.


Starting with the physical interpretation of salvation, which I regard as ‘once bovaryized’ (seeing as it is on the same hegemonic side of the gender fence as the metaphysical), I would describe it as having to do, quite apart from personal notions of salvation which are religiously neither here nor there, with savings gathering interest in the bank and therefore of an economic character in keeping with the ‘Son of Man’ focus or fulcrum of physics.


Hence physical salvation is anything but deliverance from ‘the world’, conceived as the abode of sin, but, rather, an endorsement of ‘the world’ or, in this case, a particular form and mode of worldliness, from an economically-motivated standpoint that tends to regard financial enrichment as an ideal and to enhance its wellbeing through interest-generating savings, all of which is rather more germane to the southeast point of the aforementioned intercardinal axial compass, as befitting a physical hegemony over pseudo-chemistry, its pseudo-female counterpart.


Across from that at the southwest point of the said compass, we shall describe the chemically-dominated pseudo-physical ‘twice bovaryized’ concept of salvation as taking a politically-motivated pseudo-economic turn that usually implies some kind of socialistic equalitarianism, whether under Marian auspices or, increasingly these days, independently of conventional religion, whereupon the notion of salvation tends to have Hollywood-like implications of saving the world from alien invaders or monsters or machines – a kind of demonization of traditional Catholic interpretations of salvation (through Christ the ‘Risen Lord’) which are a consequence, in large part, of secular rejection of traditional religious values.


Finally, back and up from the pseudo-physical subordination to chemistry at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass we shall find the pseudo-metaphysical subjection to metachemistry at its northwest point, which rules the state-hegemonic/church-subordinate axis, and hence for both the pseudo-metaphysical and, to an obviously lesser extent, the physical, it is the notion of preservation, ‘long to reign over us’ (or ‘them’) that characterizes what I shall describe, in relation to the previous interpretation of salvation, as ‘thrice bovaryized’, since the notion of salvation as preserving the metachemical status quo, namely the ruling monarch in UK terms, is as far removed from salvation per se as it is axially possible to get and has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘world overcoming’ and deliverance of the ‘meek’ (the pseudo-physical) from subjection to a chemical hegemony at the southwest point of our axial compass. 


This preservative ‘bovaryization’ of salvation, of saving, is, as intimated above, more Anglican than Puritan in character and is fundamentally scientific where mass catholic, or lapsed catholic, and puritan-inspired ‘bovaryizations’ are largely political and economic respectively, and therefore stands at axial variance with the religious concept of salvation as deliverance from ‘the world’, meaning the mass Catholic, or lapsed Catholic, southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass to its polar northeast, where, on no less church-hegemonic/state-subordinate terms, metaphysics is – or should be – hegemonic over pseudo-metachemistry.


In fact, an Anglican monarch cannot be saved in this true, or religious, sense of salvation; for not only is he/she on the wrong (state-hegemonic) axis for salvation to have any religious relevance, but he/she is not interested in ‘world overcoming’ but only in state-hegemonic polar partnership with the physical/pseudo-chemical southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass with a view to keeping ‘the meek’ (not to mention the chemical ‘pseudo-vain’) in their lowly exploited place - something also often levelled at the Church hierarchy in countries like Ireland but wrongly, in my opinion, since, despite appearances to the contrary, the Church continues, albeit increasingly lamely and ineffectually in this day and age, to offer its followers the benefit of a kind of surrogate salvation, through Christ,  in the form of verbal absolutism for penitential contrition, even though, ultimately, this is insufficient for ‘world overcoming’ and deliverance to a higher realm.


Be that as it may, the idea of God Saving the ruling British monarch, other than in a preservative sense that endorses the metachemical status quo – a thing, incidentally, not of God, or godliness (a state of mind rather than an all-powerful manifestation of free soma), but of Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father in time-honoured ‘best of a bad job’ Middle-East derived starting point of civilization fashion – is a contradiction in terms, since salvation from ‘the world’ is entirely irrelevant to an entity that, in axial terms, directly rules over if not its Irish Catholic manifestation at the southwest point of the intercardinal axial compass then most assuredly its mass/pseudo-voluminous puritan manifestation at the southeast point of the said compass, which is precisely the point in state-hegemonic polar opposition to the Anglican descendants of the excommunicated Henry VIII’s [VIII’s] apostasy and Protestant revolution which transferred the seat of power in England from a kind of pseudo-metachemical deference to popish metaphysics at the church-hegemonic northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass to an overt metachemical rule over pseudo-metaphysics (the Anglican pseudo-males) at its northwest point, and therefore ceased to have any transcendentalist bias but became, under state-hegemonic scientific endorsement, fundamentally committed to the defence and enlargement of materialism, including, eventually, the acquisition and exploitation of an immense overseas Empire.  This is not worldly, no, but neither is it even crudely otherworldly.  It remains a humanistic manifestation of netherworldly control, and the netherworldly cannot be saved, like a certain type of the worldly, to otherworldly transcendence.  They can only continue to relate to the ‘thrice bovaryized’ concept of salvation and hope that their preservation, long to rule over state-hegemonic axial criteria, will prevail even unto the ‘end of the world’ and ‘last judgement’.