To contrast Hell in the Devil (the Mother) with God (the Father) in Heaven.  That is, to contrast Hell the Clear Spirit in Devil the Mother with God the Father in Heaven the Holy Soul.


One could say that whereas Hell the Clear Spirit is nothing without Devil the Mother, God the Father would be nothing without Heaven the Holy Soul.


Both Devil the Mother and Hell the Clear Spirit are positive, that is, associated, in beauty and love, with metachemical free soma.


Both Heaven the Holy Soul and God the Father are positive, that is, associated, in joy and truth, with metaphysical free psyche.


Metachemical free soma predominates on an absolute (3:1) basis over metachemical bound psyche, the ugliness of the Daughter of the Devil and hatred of the Clear Soul of Hell, both of which are negative modes of Devil and Hell, so to speak.


Metaphysical free psyche preponderates on an absolute (3:1) basis over metaphysical bound soma, the illusion of the Son of God and woe of the Holy Spirit of Heaven, both of which are negative modes of God and Heaven, so to speak.


The absolute beginning (alpha) of life in beauty and love contrasts with the absolute ending (omega) of it in joy and truth, as Devil the Mother and Hell the Clear Spirit with Heaven the Holy Soul and God the Father.


Because in the Judeo-Christian tradition Devil the Mother has been identified with and effectively hyped as God the Father, the concept of God as be-all-and-end-all of everything, including religion, has falsely obtained, with a consequence that varying degrees of thingfulness accrue to the divine concept.


There is no greater lie, nor older tyranny, than that of Devil the Mother hyped as God the Father, pretty much as beauty as truth.


And yet, while beauty is the principal aspect or attribute of metachemistry, which is will, truth, as we have seen, is not the principal aspect of metaphysics but, in its graceful freedom, joy, which accords with Heaven the Holy Soul.


Heaven the Holy Soul is the one true attribute of metaphysics, and hence of religion which, when genuine, is about the cultivation and sustenance of soul or, in equivalent terms, male noumenal self-respect, since soul is the self from a metaphysical (subjectively noumenal) standpoint.


The corollary of noumenal self-respect in the metaphysical male is noumenal self-sacrifice in the metachemical or, rather, pseudo-metachemical female, which involves a predominating commitment to the pseudo-ugliness and pseudo-hatred of bound metachemical (pseudo-metachemical) soma.


Such a predominant binding to soma in pseudo-metachemistry only follows from a male hegemony in metaphysics, and is akin, on converse ratio terms, to a mirror image, in free psyche and bound soma, of metaphysics, contrary to the female’s natural grain.


I deem the pseudo-metachemical position under metaphysics at the northeast point of the intercardinal axial compass to be akin to the subordination of pseudo-science to religion, as, in other terms, of the pseudo-Devil (of pseudo-Devil the pseudo-Mother) to Heaven the Holy Soul, since the representative attributes in each case, being absolute, are bound will (antiwill) and free soul.


The bound spirit (antispirit) of pseudo-Hell the Unclear Spirit (pseudo-spirit) and the free ego of God the Father are much less representative of the pseudo-metachemical and metaphysical contexts or positions, since comparatively relative, like pseudo-hatred and truth.


Only pseudo-ugliness and joy are fully representative of the pseudo-metachemical and metaphysical positions, with absolute contrasts between pseudo-Devil the pseudo-Mother (whose spirit, being pseudo, is unclear) and Heaven the Holy Soul.


Those who are truly religious are much less for God than Heaven, since such ego as metaphysically obtains with them compliments of the soul is merely the superconscious self-realization of supersensible joy, akin to the light surrounding a candle flame, the halo surrounding a saintly head, and the rings surrounding Saturn.


God, to repeat, would not exist without Heaven, whereas Hell could not exist without the Devil.  Hell is as much a loving consequence of devilish beauty as godly truth of heavenly joy.


You could say that it is time for humanity to face the Truth and turn away from beauty and love in the interests of joy and truth – time, in other words, for Eternity.  But humanity is a general term, and life, as we all know, is a struggle between female and male criteria.


Therefore if joy and truth are to metaphysically triumph it would be at the expense, ultimately, of beauty and love, and in consequence, in all likelihood, of a protracted struggle by the believers in true religion to topple science from its diabolic throne and render it pseudo-metachemically accountable to a metaphysical hegemony.


I have outlined, in previous texts, the means whereby this can be achieved, and the term ‘world overcoming’ with regard to the pseudo-physical meek (who are not blessed) and the chemical pseudo-vain (who are not, as things stand, counter-cursed).


It has been said that means determine ends, but, with us, the genuinely religious or metaphysical, ends determine means, because one knows that ego, duly bovaryized in metaphysics, is only a means for the true end of life in soul.


Heaven the Holy Soul is both the omega point of life and the true centre of truth, without which there could be no truth because no joy for it (superconsciousness) to bear divine witness to.


Let metaphysics reign!  And may the triumph of free soul bring about the death of free will and thus an end to all tyranny, theocracy completely victorious over autocracy as the male over the female, Heaven without mortal End.  For the Life Eternal can only come fully into being when Infinite Life, rooted vacuously in space, has been definitively consigned to the proverbial rubbish bin of history.  To this end, Social Theocracy must be totally committed, since it is, or has the capacity to become, the true, or religious, communism of ‘Kingdom Come’.



LONDON 2009 (Revised 2012)