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01 Concerning Centretruths

02 Social Theocratic Pluralism

03 Saints of the British Isles

04 Examining Resurrections

05 The Axial Relativity of Fact, Fiction, Falsity, and Truth

06 Of Whores, Demons, Saints, and Angels

07 Rating Soul and Pseudo-Soul

08 Rating Ego and Pseudo-Ego

09 Rating Spirit and Pseudo-Spirit

10 Rating Will and Pseudo-Will

11 Overall Rates of the Elements and Pseudo-Elements

12 Being, Taking, Giving, and Doing

13 Ratios of Soma to Psyche and of Psyche to Soma

14 Christmas and Easter in Axial Perspective

15 Divergence and Converge in Genuine and Pseudo Modes

16 Innocence and Guilt as Correlative Factors

17 A New Light on Old Terms

18 From X to Y

19 Open and Enclosed as Free and Bound

20 Aspects of Female Hype

21 Devolution and Evolution in Negative and Positive Modes

22 Anachronistic Nature of the British Isles

23 Fallacy of the Alpha Male

24 Noumenal and Phenomenal Salutes in Axial Perspective

25 Two Specific Kinds of Saluting

26 The Gender Implications of Brollies and Hoods

27 The Essence of Salvation

28 Bovaryizations of Salvation

29 Of Poets and Dramatists

30 On God and Godliness

31 The True End of Religion

32 What is a Yippie?

33 The True Centre of Truth

34 Collectivism and Individualism

35 The Alpha and Omega of Life




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