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Since it follows directly on from Revaluations and Transvaluations (2004), this title, The Classless Solution, is bound to restate many of the philosophical positions and contentions already taken, but it does so with even greater certitude and a more exactingly comprehensive assessment of the various components of the total picture, which leaves one in no doubt that something philosophically definitive has been achieved, and that any further revaluations or transvaluations are only likely to happen in relation to that which is already broadly or essentially true, not contrary to it! Yet, even then, that would not be entirely the case!  For this further volume of aphoristic philosophy still manages to refine upon and even to modify certain of the contentions or positions taken by its predecessor, not least in respect of the evaluation of class on a more axially specific basis which helps, I believe, to clarify the distinctions between noumenal and phenomenal, noble and plebeian, ethereal and corporeal, in such fashion that one could never again accept anything less comprehensively exacting for gospel or fail to understand just how different the two axial positions really are.... As in the case, for example, of their contrary social and moral fates, not least in respect of salvation and damnation, and who or what is saved or damned, counter-damned or counter-saved, and how that should be morally or socially interpreted.  But I would be understating the achievements of this project if, quite apart from its contribution to our understanding of literature from a more axially comprehensive point-of-view, I were to ignore the original contribution it makes to an understanding of how civilization progresses or regresses on both positive and negative terms in an alternation, stemming from primal action, between reaction and attraction, which takes it through successive stages of devolutionary or evolutionary development on both liberal and totalitarian terms towards the possibility of a culmination which, antithetical to how it began, will signify a sort of omega freedom that contrasts with the alpha freedom as the most positive psychic reaction with the most positive somatic action, having passed through several intermediate phases of reaction and attraction in soma and psyche which both confirm and advance a dualistic alternation between pluralistic and monistic systems. – John O’Loughlin.




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John O’Loughlin was born in Salthill, Galway, the Republic of Ireland, of Irish- and British-born parents in 1952. Following a parental split partly due to his mother's Aldershot origins (her father, a Presbyterian from Donegal, had served in the British Army), he was brought to England by his mother and grandmother (who with the death of her Aldershot-based-husband had initially returned to Ireland after a lengthy marital absence from Athenry) in the mid-50s and, having had the benefit of private tuition from a Catholic priest, subsequently attended St. Joseph's and St. George's RC schools in Aldershot, Hants, and, with an enforced change of denomination from Catholic to Protestant in consequence of having been put into care by his mother upon the death and repatriation of his grandmother, he went on to attend first Barrow Hedges Primary School in Carshalton Beeches, Surrey, and then Carshalton High School for Boys, where he ultimately became a sixth-form prefect. Upon leaving high school in pre-GCSE era 1970 with an assortment of CSEs (Certificate of Secondary Education) and GCEs (General Certificate of Education), including history and music, he moved up to London and went on, via two short-lived jobs, one of which was at Ivor Mairants Music Centre on Rathbone Place, to work at the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in Bedford Square, where, with some prior experience himself of having sat and passed (with merit) an ABRSM piano exam, he eventually became responsible for booking examination venues. After a brief flirtation with English and History A Levels at Redhill Technical College back in Surrey, where he was then living, he returned to his former job in the West End but, due to a combination of personal factors, not the least of which had to do with the depressing consequences of an enforced return to north London, he left the Associated Board in 1976 and began to pursue a literary vocation which, despite a brief spell as a computer and office-skills tutor at Hornsey YMCA in the late '80s and early '90s, during which time he added some computer-related NVQs to his other qualifications, he has steadfastly continued with ever since. His novels include Changing Worlds (1976), Cross-Purposes (1979), Logan's Influence (1980), Sublimated Relations (1981), and False Pretences (1982). Since the mid-80s Mr O'Loughlin has dedicated himself almost exclusively to philosophy, which he regards as his true literary vocation, and has penned more than seventy titles of a philosophical nature, including Devil and God (1985-6), Towards the Supernoumenon (1987), Elemental Spectra (1988-9), Philosophical Truth (1991-2) and, more recently, The Best of All Possible Worlds (2008), The Centre of Truth (2009), Insane but not Mad (2011), and Philosophic Flights of Poetic Fancy (2012). John O'Loughlin is a life-long bachelor who, more through necessity than design, has lived at various addresses in the north London borough of Haringey since 1974.


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