Just as peasants in a traditional feudal system

Were less bad than the aristocracy

But still bad, so, conversely, the meritocracy

In a revolutionary Centrist system would be

Less good than the superfolk but still good,

And therefore not identifiable with tyranny

Or its attenuated bourgeois successor

In ... parliamentary government.

Rather, they would be as angels to gods,

And one could speak of guidance or administration

In connection with their serving duties

Vis--vis the saved majority.

Of course, the Leader would be

No-less distinct from the meritocracy

Than (was) the Ruler from the aristocracy,

Since entitled to a separate divine status,

Only one whose derivation

Is subjective rather than objective,

Corresponding to the Holy Spirit

Rather than to the Father,

Since devolving upon the Second Coming,

And hence constituting a Messianic sovereignty

More good, if anything, than 'the Good'.

And yet, it is the People, not the Leader

Or his closest followers,

Who must evolve towards pure spirit;

For the Leader will be complete in himself.