Those who understand little about theocracy oppose

The centripetal principle of centro-complexification

With the centrifugal principle of decentralization,

Commensurate with the degeneration of politics

From communist and/or liberal to radical Marxist levels,

And the furtherance of participatory democracy.

Instead of encouraging an evolutionary progression

From the Many to the Few or, preferably, the One,

Such political degenerates favour

A devolutionary regression from the Few to the Many,

The centre to the periphery, which is to say, from

Government to themselves, politicians to people.

Little do they realize what degree of chaos

This would engender, though the poet W.B. Yeats

Had some inkling of it when, in The Second Coming,

He wrote of 'Mere anarchy' being 'loosed upon the world'

In consequence of things falling apart from 'the centre',

The sort of situation that would doubtless appeal to

An undisciplined mob, but hardly to men of good sense!

And yet, the 'centre' to which Yeats was alluding in

The above-mentioned poem wasn't the ultimate Centre,

Identified by me with Social Transcendentalism,

But, rather, a bourgeois democratic one,

And it is perhaps inevitable that before

A new and higher centre can be created,

The old one has to be undermined

Through centrifugal action, in accordance with

The oscillatory and relative progression of

Evolution towards a more absolutist goal.

What one must ensure is that such centrifugal action

Doesn't get completely out-of-hand,

Else it may become its own master

And not the unconscious servant of a superior end!

For, eventually, there must be a new centripetal principle,

Leading to the utmost centro-complexification of

A civilization superior, in every respect, to

The previous one, a truly theocratic civilization,

In which sovereignty is vested in the Centre,

In the person of the Leader, who becomes

The executive hub around which the various

Administrative departments of government

Revolve, in deference to his overall will.

In such a civilization, there can be only

One leader, one party, and one people - namely,

The people capable of theocratic upgrading

And allegiance; though, eventually, there is no reason

Why other such peoples shouldn't come under

A similar system within a supra-national framework of

Uniform ideological identification, so that

Centro-complexification goes ahead

On a world-wide basis under the aegis of

A unified regulatory body.

We cannot, in this overly nationalistic age, expect

Much progress towards supra-national unity just yet.

But we can certainly look towards a time

When, with the development of a more

Transcendent consciousness, nations draw closer to

That ultimate centro-complexification of global unity

In the most radical theocratic allegiance.