Supertheocracy is no mere Christian theocracy,

As applying to the spiritual side of Christ,

But the full-blown transcendental theocracy

Of the Second Coming, the theocracy

Not of the Church but of the Centre.

Supertheocracy appertains to the Supermen,

Those hypertripping Supernaturalists

In the Social Transcendentalist phase

Of the Centrist civilization to come.

Supra-theocracy appertains to the Supra-men,

Those hypermeditating Supra-naturalists

In the purely transcendental phase

Of the Centrist civilization, antithetically

Equivalent to the puritanical phase

Of the Christian civilization.

For whereas Puritanism signified

A neutron-wavicle equivalent,

Pure transcendentalism will signify

An electron-wavicle equivalent,

Eventually leading to the first

Of two ultimate life forms - namely

The Superbeings of the post-Human Millennium.

Supertheocracy in the Centrist civilization

Has its parallel in the succeeding millennium,

And so, likewise, does Supra-theocracy.

The cultivation of pure spirit proceeds

From an indirect to a direct approach,

As from appearance to essence.

Supertheocracy will be contemplative,

Albeit on the most artificial terms.

Supra-theocracy will be meditative on the purest terms,

The wavicle absolutism of the mind aware.

Awareness and ever greater awareness - that is

The air-stimulated challenge of evolution!