Playwright, novelist, philosopher, poet -

The secular playwright more prevalent

In the alpha of civilized evolution

Than in the age of Christianity,

When the Catholic playwright came into his own

And, superseding the Roman Catholic scholastics,

With their attenuated philosophy and medieval theosophy,

Brought atomic writing to its wavicle climax,

Before the Protestant playwright attenuated the genre

Through secularization, permitting emergence

Of the liberal novel, with its dualistic integrity,

A dramatic/philosophic compromise

Soon to be challenged, and transcended, by

The philosophical absolutism

Of the socialist novel, or antinovel,

Preparatory to the eclipse of the novel

By practical philosophy,

Beyond which only the anti-supernovel

Of a poetic bias can apply, before,

Last but scarcely least, the pure poet emerges

With the omega of civilized evolution,

To bring electron writing to its wavicle climax

In the purest poetry of a theocratic impression,

An intimation of the Holy Spirit

In the contemplative peace that surpasses all intellectuality.