Beware those muddleheads

Who confound omega with alpha,

The Holy Spirit with the Creator,

Truth with strength!

Only an atomic Christian can serve

Two such antithetical masters at once ...

In the person of Christ, Who corresponds,

In His humanity, to the 'Three in One',

And is thus intellectual goodness

As well as instinctual strength and spiritual truth.

Yet Puritan Christianity is a neutron-wavicle noumenon

Of the good Christ alone, just as totalitarian socialism

Is an electron-particle phenomenon

Of the illusory Antichrist alone,

The hard-line Republican State

As opposed to the soft-line Protestant Church.

But the proton-particle phenomenon of

The Kingdom, corresponding to the Father, and

The electron-wavicle noumenon of the Centre,

Corresponding to the Holy Spirit, are radically

Antithetical, as between paganism and transcendentalism,

And no-one who identifies with the latter

Can possibly serve the former.

A break with the Father is also, by implication,

A break with the Son.

For only through theocratic Centrism can man aspire

Towards the goal of evolution in the Holy Spirit -

The pure spirit of the Omega Absolute.