The fact that man cannot attain to pure spirit

In the Beyond ... of transcendence,

Is a cardinal assertion of my truth.

At best he can aspire towards it, but no more!

And this in the second phase of his Centrist evolution,

The superbeingful phase of

Hypermeditating Super-transcendentalists.

As in its first phase, man's immediate successor,

The Superman, will indulge in

Hallucinogenic enlightenment

Through some form of LSD-tripping,

And thus indirectly cultivate awareness

Through the medium of

Artificially-induced visionary experience.

But, as a brain artificially supported

And sustained in collectivized contexts, he

Would trip more extensively and intensively.

Only his successor, the Superbeing of

The second phase of the post-human millennium,

Would attain to transcendence, and this because,

As a new-brain collectivization, it would

Cultivate pure mind to a degree inconceivable

On the human scale, thereby abandoning

The remnants of atomic materialism

For the spiritual freedom of the truly divine!